What is RPM in Adsense & How to increase it?

By | June 22, 2013
Adsenes-RPMGoogle Adsense is a  major PPC ad network which has a powerful monitoring system & tools for displaying ads on publishers’ websites and collecting the clicks. There is some kind of statistical data being displayed in your Adsense account every day when you visit your account. In your account when you click the reports tab, you are redirected to another page, which shows you all the statistics of your Adsense earning. There are three important sections/rows in the reporting page, the CTR (Click through Rate), The CPC (Cost Per Click) and RPM (Revenue Per Thousand Impressions or Miles). The Adsense CTR & CPC have already been explained on this blog, however, today, I’ll explain RPM which sometimes creates confusion for new Adsense Publishers. You’ll learn what is RPM? and how to improve it?. Read On.

What is Adsense RPM?

RPM in Adsense or any other ad network stands for (Revenue per 1000 Impressions) that’s simply means, how much money you have earned from 1000 impressions. RPM report is displayed in your Adsense account along with other reports i.e CPC, CTR & total earning. Every publisher may have a different RPM defending on the total earning.

How to increase RPM?

RPM (Revenue per 1000 impressions) and CPC (Cost Per Click) are close to each other, because if your CTR is higher then obviously, your RPM will be higher too. So make sure you work on your site to receive the best Ads from Adsense and increase your CPC, this will lead to further increase your RPM.
Also if you increase CTR by implementing the Ads on right placements, that can also help you increasing your RPM. Just visit this post: How to Increase CPC & CTR in Adsense!
If a publisher earns $5 from 1000 thousand impressions via Adsense, that’s mean the RPM will be 5%. So if you are getting an rpm of 5% then you are going good, however, less than 5% rpm means to work hard and increase it further. And it can be done by just writing on Good and high paying niches. Because high paying niches always earn more money with Adsense.
Also the higher RPM defends on the geographical location of your visitors, if you are receiving visitors from USA, Canada, UK etc then you might get a very high RPM. However, if you have visitors from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh & Nigeria etc then don’t expect a higher RPM.
RPM actually helps publishers for how much they are earning from their impressions. Also it can help you monitoring a specific channel. So you can know which channel’s 1000 impression is making more money than other channels or Ad spaces.


The analysis above were just the general views from the publishers, the actual RPM will be vary for every publisher, so you may not know who is getting what rpm. But if you are getting 5% rpm in average then you are going nice. For further understanding Adsense RPM, you can visit these two short explanations from Google itself:
I hope this little info has helped you in understanding of Adsense RPM in details, however, you are welcome to ask your questions in comment section. Take Care. 

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