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What is Keyword Difficulty in SEO?

What is Keyword Difficulty in SEO?
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Understanding Keyword Difficulty in Search Engine Optimization?

Keywords Deficulty in SEOIn our previous post we discuss about How Keywords Work in SEO? Now Its important to understand the difficulty of ranking Keywords in the Search Engines. So lets starts with an question! What is the way to consider the popularity of a keyword? or to put another way How many Search Queries does the Keyword receive on the monthly basis. Then also taking into consideration the length of a keyword or How many words are in single keyword. When you look at these two factors, you will see an interesting phenomena on called Keyword Curve.

Keyword Curve:

What is Keyword Curve?
As you can see in the above diagram that the keyword curve basically show the contrast of search volume between the short keywords often referred to as Head Keywords and the more detailed but longer keywords more commonly known as Long Tail Keywords. What’s interesting is that even though the Head Keywords receive a lot of search volume each month. There are not as many of these keywords versus How many Long Tail Keywords there are. So ensure that there is significantly more long tail keywords but they don’t receive anywhere close to the traffic you see with Head Keywords. If you have been in SEO even for short time you will hear and  read a lot for Long Tail Strategy which is going after the Long Tail Keywords at one time in order to get  the same amount of traffic that one or two Head Keywords will bring in. Many find this desirable sense that there are usually isn’t much competition with Long Tail Keywords. So you can see results a lot quicker. This isn’t bad strategy to execute but it also not very balanced. I will go more into how you really should have a focus on a good group of Head Keywords and then a strong list of Long Tail Keywords. Stay Tuned 🙂

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