What is Importance of Keyword Marketing Objectives in SEO?

By | January 25, 2014

 Impact of Marketing Objective in SEO!

keyword-researchWhenever I decide to launch a new website I sat down and looked at the marketing objective that I want to achieve with this website. One common mistake people make when starting keyword research is that they only considered traffic as the main deciding factor for what keywords to utilize, obviously traffic is an important metric and it will be something that we focus on. However understanding your site purpose truly is the genesis of the keyword research. So when I began new project I looked at three specific areas’ to use a guide and building a lasting website and business.

1. Reach:

The first area is scented on the website reach, what sort of target market we going after, what’s sort of new market we want to open, and how we going to reach influencers in these markets.

2. Establish:

The next section is to consider what you want to establish with you website what’s strategic partnerships would be important to have? What marketing channels should you setup? And what will it take to establish the brand you want with your site.

3. Increase:

The Third thing I consider is what my website can increase. Obviously increasing revenue is nice but also credibility, visibility and market share might be something you desired to increase. Finally when you take all these things into consideration the ultimate goal is how these efforts will affect the bottom line of your business. In my humble opinion this is what marketing is all about? Providing strong profit for the company.

What to ask when doing keyword objective:

When looking at doing keyword objectives here are several questions to consider.

1. What keyword reach your demographic?

Knowing who you are targeting is half the battle. I strongly believe that there are many doing SEO who only care about the traffic numbers and not the faces behind those numbers.

The more you know about those who searching your website, the easy it is to provide something they actually want.

 2. What keywords will bring you closer to reaching your marketing initiative?

Some may believe SEO is actually a derivative of marketing, not something wholly separate. I worked with companies that through their SEO people into their IT departments and give little far too how SEO can directly impact marketing. Though SEO can be technical when it’s come to looking at the impact of SEO. You always be in roamers of marketing.

3. What Keywords will increase the business bottom-line?

I has stated earlier profitability can be seen with keywords that have low traffic but high conversion. Asses each of your keyword objective and determine what keywords actually bring about the greater value overall for your company.
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  1. Adil Muhammad Yousuf

    Bro, I have a blog which is 2 months old now and still not getting traffic, I have done SEO and my blog is about daily jobs in Pakistan.
    Please give me some ideas that how to drive traffic on blog. 🙁

    1. Zeeshan Shaukat

      Hi Adil!
      SEO is Something Really Really Hard and Time Consuming Task Which Required So Much Patient To Give Your Desired Results SO Keep Working On Man…. One Day You Will Definitely Shine…. Good Luck….

      For Driving Traffic To Your Site Just Share Your Content to All Popular Social Media Site… It Will Give You Instant Traffic For Your Blog 🙂

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  2. Jeff Marsh

    Hello Sir,
    Keywords are really complicated term in the SEO world.From your blog I got the information that only traffic does not matter for the keyword selection other objects are also responsible for the best keywords. Thank you for sharing useful information…:)


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