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What is Allo? How it is differ with others?

What is Allo? How it is differ with others?
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GoogleAllo is messaging application which is available in Play store and works as same way as WhatsApp but it is doing more than WhatsApp. Ok what is unique in GoogleAllo.

Yes Allo is having more features like virtual assistant and incognito Tab which allows you to interact more and have fun yourself. And you wont feel that you are alone when Allo with you in your Android.

GoogleAllo is the sister product of another app of Google. That’s GoogleDuo which allow you to do the video chat with high quality-720p.

Allo gives stickers, emojis, doodles and texts for expressing emotions yourself in better way.

GoogleAllo is available in both Android and iOS. Recently Google released Allo to iOS user. But it has been two months in Android.

There will be always a friend in GoogleAllo who helps you find some answers with providing the questions is known as Virtual Assistant.

No need to type question. Allo offers the questions and answer too to entertain user. That’s known as virtual assistant. The virtual assistant uses smart reply idea which helps users to entertain themselves.

You can ask questions by their smart reply and you appreciate, scold, correct. Better this virtual assistant we can call as a dog. Throw the ball and it will pick and come back like.


Incognito helps you to chat in private and share some info in private. In incognito you can make disappear the message with preset time period.

When you click the person name it will produce a tab and you can type as required and you can close if you want. When you are receiving new emojis or stickers from any of your contact GoogleAllo will copy and download it for your usage.


Your messages or any informations are highly secured in GoogleAllo because it is using TLS (Transport Layer Security) and (SSL)Secure Sockets Layer.

Until today GoogleAllo app downloads reach 5 million and close to its sister product GoogleDuo.

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