What is AirPods? Why it is called so?

What is AirPods? Why it is called so?
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Apple is always known for innovation in electronics or Gadgets. And Apple also known for costliest and quality products.

Apple iPhone made biggest revolution in last one decade and it is going to do more than that. Apple dominates in all over United States with their electronic Goods.

Now Apple is come up with another one innovative product. They come up with new style of earbuds in the end of this year.

Airpod is the wireless earbuds, Apple is introduced with small innovative pack in the last month of this year. This white pack, Apple always known for white color, is holding this two buds and charging this buds.

Yes it is true that  this small pack is charging the Airpod LH and RH. And charging capacity of the buds is 3 hours. And this pack also can be charged and it is also holding the charges for 24 hours.


As it is wireless it is easy to use and handle. We can take out this two Airpod LH and RH from the pack and keep it in our ears. We can go for jacking also.

AirPod uses Bluetooth Technology for transferring music.

This Airpod is really giving worderful, fantastic and quality sounds to our ears. This Airpod supports Apple phones as well as other phones too. This makes us to dance or made our head for dancing.

You need to configure this Pods with Apple iPhone or any to know the charge level of the AirPods.


When you remove any one of the pods from your air the music will be off. When you putting back to your ear music will be on.

  • No need to fold any cables and wires.
  • No need to damage any wires for hearing music.
  • Extraordinary design.
  • Two way charging.
  • No need to take out any knots like wires.
  • Compact pack
  • Fantastic music system
  • Easy to handle
  • Innovative ear hearing system
  • Good and promised electronic structure.

It is worth purchase when you are going for purchasing Earhearing.

But I am thinking this way. If I am running more fast on road Airpod will stay in my ear? I don’t think so.


So there is a wire holder available in market, not in Apple brand, which is holding this two Airpod. This is available in Amazon.

Look at the Airbuds Gadget in this Video,

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