What are CTR & CPC in Google Adsense Account?

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Adsense CTR & CPCIf you are one of the publishers of Google Adsense and have been using it for monetizing your content since a while, but you still have some confusions about different tools and reports available in your GA account then I’ll be happy to share some tips with you. Here in this tutorial I’ll be talking about CPC and CTR reports in Adsense. However, Later on in the future, I might talk about ad blocking feature, custom channels, URL channels, creating a 300 * 600 ad unit, RPM in Adsense, Authorized sites feature and many more options available to you in your GA account. But for now let’s talk about CPC and CTR in details. And this tutorial is actually for all these new publishers who don’t know about these two features, for advanced users I’d say, you should take care of your time.

What is CTR in Adsense?

When you visit the reporting page of your GA account, you see the CTR option there which means (Click Through Rate) and this is different than the Google Search CTR. The CTR you see in your account is the percentage of people who’ve visited your website/blog and clicked the ads. If 50 people have visited your site and have given 100 page views, and clicked the ads 10 times, that’s mean the CTR will be 10%.
In another example, if 100 people visit your site and view 200 pages and click the ads 6 times, that’s mean the CTR will be 3%. Isn’t it quite simple to understand???…

What is CPC in Adsense?

The CPC is another factor which is displayed in your reporting section just after the earned amount, the CPC is an abbreviation of (Cost Per Click), the cost per click shows you how much you were paid for each click.
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Example 1 for CPC:

If you received $10 dollars for ten clicks that’s mean the CPC will be $1.00. And if you received $1 for 10 clicks that’s mean the CPC will be 0.10.

Example 2 for CPC:

You may get a single click worth $10 or you might get a click with 000.00. Because this all defends on the bids from the advertisers. So you can have different CPC rates every day. Adsense shows your CPC rates to let you know about the clicks’ amount you receive.
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What to do now? 
The above were some examples for understanding CPC and CTR in Adsense account, however, you might be interested to know about increasing CTR & CPC to boost your earning with Google Adsense dramatically. Yes guys, in my coming GA Tutorial I’ll be giving you some tips to increase your CTR and CPC dramatically.
Have a best time with Adsense and keep smiling to your beloved ones! Allah Hafiz

Comments (2)

  • gr8 article…I am witing for GA tutorial..

    I want to know..how much maximum CTR should be? I know it depends on different factors..but what your experience said? I got 3% CTR normaly, if it increased , there will be any chance of banning GA or not?

    • Thanks Haris for leaving a comment here, in my next tutorial or article about increasing Adsense CTR and CPC I’ll be giving you some legal ways and tips.

      To your question, buddy 2% to 4% CTR is normal but if you receive 10% then that doesn’t mean your account will be ban, that’s all defends on the traffic and ads placement, so there is no danger if you receive 10% CTR as per my opinion.


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