Video Tutorial: Adding Links in HTML Webpages

By | January 2, 2013
Links are the most important elements of a website or a webpage. The website can not be properly  navigated without adding links. HTML links are those elements which take a visitor from one page to another. The simple syntax of using links inside webpages is as follow:
<a href=””>Go to Google</a>
In simple example above the link: is the link and the Go to Google is the anchor text for that link, so when a person clicks the text [Go to Google] he/she will be redirected to The above one is the simplest example of HTML links. However, you can use the full attributes of each HTML tag and for the anchor tag or link tag the following attributes are used:

<a href=”” title=’Facebook’ target=’blank’> Join Facebook </a>

Actually the <a></a> tag is basically called the anchor tag which holds a link inside. The title is used for the page title which is linked inside the <a> tag. And the target is used for browser window’s behavior. You can use the target as: blank or parent. The blank attribute will open the link in a new browsing window.

How to use images inside links?

You can also use images inside links, or simply images can be made as links. Below example is for an image inside <a>tag:

<a href=”” target=’blank’><img src=’blah-blah-blah.jpg’></a>

The example above has an image inside the anchor tag, so when visitor clicks the image, he/she will be redirected to another page.

Video Tutorial

Now the final step for learning HTML links is to watch this video and then go to implement the tips.

We are going to learn complete HTML training step by step and in coming days, you’ll be presented a complete course of HTML 5 with video tutorials. Till next time stay happy and Happy New Year 2013.

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