Top 5 High Paying Topics For Google Adsense in 2013

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adsense high paying nichesAs Many of You Know that Google Adsense is the top giant of online PPC advertisements. This program is run by Google very effectively and has a great online reputation for last couple of years. There are thousands of webmasters who only rely on Adsense earnings at large, but many are also out there who despite having Adsense don’t make a decent income. This is because, webmasters especially new ones, don’t try to understand the mechanism of Google ads. Google ads actually works best on original content based websites, where keywords are countless and Ads are shown as relevant as content is. So in this article I’ll be addressing the top 5 topics which can give you the highest income from Adsense if you write content wisely over these topics. Adsense earning stands on three principles: Topic/Niche, Visitors’ location & Keywords.

Top 5 Topics which pay the most

Whether you use Adsense for monetization or any other ad network, but in order to get the most potential you need to have great content on your site. And great content always means, the quality work which is produced by you. So in return you can get the possible potentials. Here is the list of the topics which actually can pay you more than your expectations, but the condition is; if you write quality content over these topics and work hard to bring people for watching your content. because traffic/visitors == money.

Topic #1. Making Money Online

Making money is a topic which is searched the most on the Internet, this topic has a lot of advertisers and every advertiser wants to get their ads displayed by Adsense, so the CPC rate is the highest. This topic can make you 100% times better earning than any other topic.

Topic #2. Health

Health is one of the major topics on the web, which also has a great amount of monthly searches, people from Western World and USA search for health tips on the internet, so if you have knowledge on health topic then it is another great topic to earn the most with Google Adsense.

Topic #3. Blogging or Internet & Computer

This topic is related to computer and information technology, whether you write on Blogging tips such as web designing, web development, SEO, WordPress or you write on computer windows tips, IT related issues, this is all one topic but may have specific topics as well. This is the third high paying topic for earning more money with Google Adsense.

Topic #4. Business & Finance

Business and Finance are absolutely similar to each other, but if one is having deep knowledge over these topics than I’d let them know that these topics are the high paying topics in terms of Google Adsense earning.

Topic #5. Digital Photography

Do you know a Pro Blogger (Darrwn Rose) has a website on Digital Photography and probably he is earning more money than his technology blog, so the Digital Photography is one of the top high paying niche for Google Adsense, because people want to sell their Digital work on the internet and therefore they run long campaigns for their products via Google Adsense.
There are many other topics which also pay more like following: 
  • Security (Networking, Computer Related Security)
  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Forex Trading
  • Medical Stuff
  • Jewelery Stuff
  • Fashion Designers
  • Ancient Goods
  • Currencies
  • Make-up Tips
So you can get an idea from above niches/topics for earning decent amount with Google Adsense. However, the most important thing is; you will only earn more money with Google Adsense if you have great content and people are visiting you. However, some topics like Celebrity wallpaper, football news, Girls photos, poetry etc won’t make you good money with Adsense. And another factor for low earning with Adsense is; the geographic locations of your visitors, if you have the most visitors from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh or China etc then make sure your earning will be lower than your expectations. However, if you have a good percentage of visitors from Western Countries, Canada, USA and Russia etc then you’ll be flying on the sky. That’s is the difference.
Have you got anything from this post or not? and tell us your desired topic in comment section. However, take a lot of care of yourself and always be happy!

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    • You are welcome brother Imtiaz, but I’d advise you one thing that make sure you publish unique content on your blog which is written by you, a single copyright article can hurt your blog, I’ve visited your blog and observed you have content which is already existing on other blogs such as on my blog: onlineustaad.com as well.

      Hope you got the point.

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    i added u, but still u r not online for a long ago

    • My brother, extereme apoligies for not being active on skype due to unschedule online and offiline activities these days. However, you can always ask your questions on either this blog or on my other blog onlineustaad.com..

      Wish you all the best!

  • Thanks Dear Wali bhai You Advised Me.God Bless You,

    • You are always welcome brother, I advised you that because you have Adsense ads on your site and when using Adsense, you need to carefully publish content.


  • Very nice post! Well written!

    Am blogging on the topic – Health, online money making and blogging

    Am feeling good after seeing the list.

    Thanks for sharing the useful stuff!

    • Dear Nirmala, Thanks for commenting here and liking the article, and I’m super happy seeing you are blogging on high paying niches, wish you all the best with Google adsense and other online opurtonities, keep us visiting in the future for some fresh content.


  • thank you for this post Wali khan. i am really fan of you. i pray for you that always happy and provide service for the people.

    • You are welcome brother, I always try to produce something that I know is worth reading and useful for the users of internet. Keep us visiting and set a profile picture as well.

  • Thanks Wali bro for this nice information. it will be helpful for adsense users. keep it up bro.

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  • Alawww Sir Ji !! Best methord

  • Thanks all of you for your comments..

  • sir plz odeks or freelancer par kam karne ka tariqah bta den plz plz plz

  • Sir you make video Tutorials on Many Topics but Sir if you can make video tutorials for Buysellads.com because you are best online teacher for Urdu and Hindi known peoples sir really you are online Ustaad…..

  • Can you please take a look on my blog to figure out if I have copyrighted articles or not.

    More so, I ll like to start a digital photography site and see if I can make a success with it. What do you think?

    • Starting a site on Digital photography is a great Idea in terms of earning with PPC networks.

      What do you mean by copyrighted articles? means you have copied from other blogs, if so then you should yourself know that. And you didn’t provide your blog’s URL.

    • I don’t know anything about the digital photography stuff so might find it difficult.

      This issue off copying one’s article use to confuse me, why so? Assuming you wrote about iPhone 5 specs and I also write about iPhone 5 specs and the two posts are similar but I never visited or copied from your blog while writing my post. Do we call such post copyrighted article or what?

      The site I want you to check for me is http://www.silvaniblog.com.


    • Everyone has a different and unique style of writing, so if you’ve written an article by yourself then that is just the original and unique one, there may be thousands of other articles on the same topic as you mentioned, but your article will be very different than them, this is because there are hundreds of social networks like Facebook, but all they have different styles, similar like that, there are many news websites and all of them publish same news, but the style and writing is different from each one.

      simply if you have written something by your mind then there is no copyright issues, but if you copied or just wrote the same as someone else has written then duplicate issue may arise.

    • Thanks Wali for the clarification. I think I now know the wide difference.

      Of course, I don’t copy contents from other blogs. I write all my articles myself and did not copy any blog but I sometimes get images from Google image search. I think that one is another copyright…

    • Images doesn’t matter if they are not watermarked by anyone, else images are free, however if someone has forbidden for not using his/her images then you can’t publish that image, but the rest images are free. However the important thing is content/articles/text which must be original.

  • Hey There. I discovered your blog the use of msn. This is a really well written article.
    I’ll be sure to bookmark it and return to read extra of your helpful information. Thank you for the post. I’ll definitely comeback.


  • What’s per click rate of Making Money Online plz

  • Thanks for this informative article, was just what I was looking for. Knowing the predictions is always good, so you know what to expect. Altrought my advice is to star a website/blog in a niche you like and where you will be able to contribute with unique content every day, despite how much you earn from Adsense. There are a lot of other methods to monetize a website so coose the niche you love the most.

  • hello this is great..

  • Hi,
    I stumbled on your site after checking out for top ad-sense earnings. I have a site which is related to health and It is also a passion of mine as I spend hours checking about health tips and to stay healthy.

    Home Remedies

    • Benjamin, thanks for stumbling this post, and your topic health is one of the great topic in order to earn more money with Adsense ads. Keep it up.

  • How you created a space for Adsense Ad in header in a blosgspot blogger. Please reply as quick as possible. I want to do same.Thanks in advance

    • Brother, this space was available in this template which I’m using, you can also create a space on your blog by simply find the header-wrapper inside your blog and create another wrapper inside that. However, you can also find a lot of templates which have banner space in the header. You can just find the templates in my blog and all of them have header banner.

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  • Wali bhai 6 weeks guzar gaye hain mera google adsense hosted account ka pin code nahi mila abhi tak. i belong to lahore. abhi 1st july ko main ne 2nd pin ki request send ki hai ab pata nahi ab bhi ati hai ya nahi… mera address bhi normal hai jiss par mujhe different parsal/letters wagera asani se milte rehtay hain . plz help me.

    • Don’t worry Pin will arrive soon, but if it didn’t arrive after three times request, then you can easily upload any digital proof of your identification, you can upload N.I.C, Driving licence or Passport scanned copy. That issue will be resolved then.

    • Sir jesa ke ap ne mashwara diy tha main ne 20 days baad yani 24th July ko 3rd time pin ke liye apply kar diya hai or abb wahan ye bhi likha aa raha hai:

      “If you don’t receive your PIN within 4 weeks of this date, please complete this form and attach a digital image of a government issued ID card, bank statement, or telephone bill displaying your payee name and mailing address as it appears in your account. Please note that we’re only able to accept information printed in one of our supported languages.”

      Ab main ap se ye pochna chahta hon keh:

      1- mera cnic id card to obviously URDU language me hai jo keh google ki supported languages ko support nahi karta?

      2- main ne jo address currently apne adsense account mein set kiya hua hai wo meray id card se different hai, so kiya mujhe pehlay apne address ko apnay id card kay mutabik change karna zaruri hai?

      3- mera passport bhi bana hua hai but wahan pe address mention nahi hai?

      Please help n suggest me

      Thanks n regards

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  • Wali khan , its really a helpful post, thank you very much.
    Actually i wanted to ask you a question. I have pretty much followed your video tutorials from about very beginning,and the thing i don’t understand is that why do you make your tutorials in urdu/hindi example (wordpress,blogger,blogger seo etc.) and you pretty much know that this web is in english and you being a blogger have your content offered for every one in the world so you should have made those tutorials in English and more people should have gained help from it.
    Brother don’t get me wrong,i am myself a pakistani,so i have no problems with your tutorials but i can’t really figure out your reason.
    Please reply ,thanks.

    • I already have started working on video tutorials in English and have uploaded 118 video tutorials so far to YouTube which are in English.

      As you might know it requires time to create better tutorials, therefore, after Eid I will continue making English tutorials, so all I’ll be able to cross the figure of Urdu tutorials by increasing English tutorials, so that the world can get help from theme. Hopefully.

      Thanks for your reminder.

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  • Thank you sir…. But a little doubt. I create a blog with topic- Blogger+WordPress+Wapka tutorial, SEO, information for webmaster any Computer tips and planning to add Photoshop tutorial too. What kind is this? all unique content and in beta testing class. will buy a good domain and when it get quality then how much can I earn with adsense??? when I get 100k visitor per month? Sir, you can check my novice work…
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  • Once selecting the topic, it’s the Content which can MAKE OR BREAK the success of the site. Anyway Proper planning and it’s execution is the backbone for guaranteed success.

    Naim Shaikh

  • Thanks Wali for sharing such a nice info, its very essential for any blogger to select best niche for their website, don’t go for high paying niche because if you can write on your selected niche the what will you do ? so thanks for sharing valuable information
    waqas ahmad
    Blogging Tutorials

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  • very informative post…Wali sir want to know that-is the topic of ‘motivational thoughts’ would be good for high paying ads???plz reply….

  • Hi Wali,
    I really like the simplicity of the topics you mentioned for increasing Google Adsens earnings in 2013. My website is pallareviews.com and is about Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Technology. Can you help me, how to increase its online review or give a bear review of my site…as my traffic and Adsense earnings are very low…

  • I think blogging is best niche for adsense. It’s best for earn awesome money.

  • I think insurance is most demanded niche over internet.

  • thank’s real thank’s


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