Top 30 Free SEO Tools for Getting Ideas & Find Errors

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free seo toolsSEO maybe one of the difficult job to do for a website owner, or it maybe one of the easiest job for a webmaster to do. However, the job is difficult because you’ve to handle many things at once and have to work around your site. But the job becomes easier when you know the right decisions and things to implement while doing SEO for your site/blog. I’ve been publishing SEO articles on this blog and have been guiding you about different prospectives of search engine optimization, but in today’s article I’m giving you something really worth reading. This is a list of top 30 free tools which you can use to get fresh ideas, to know the errors inside your sites (or inside your clients’ sites), to get the popularity and keyword positions of your sites and much more these tools have to tell you. So what are we waiting for, just go down and check every tool listed below.

Best SEO tools to know what’s going around

The tools list includes each and every tool that is related to search engine optimization in real, these tools have separate tool for each SEO’s component. So you can know everything you want you to know either about your site or about your client’s site. Now let’s have a look at all below tools.
Note: each tool can be accessed instantly by clicking the given link on the tool’s name.

#1. SEOquake (For Knowing the ranking of websites)

SEOquake is one of the popular tools which is used for knowing about the ranking of a website/blog i.e Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Pages indexed in both Google & Bing and much more, you’ll have to install this tool in your browser and then you’ll see a tool bar next to each website you visit.

#2. SEMrush (For knowing the ranking of websites)

This is not just a tool but a collection of tools including premium tools, but the site has a lot of stuff about SEO and has a tool to check the ranking of websites. Each and everything can be checked of any website such as Page Rank, backlinks, keyword position and more.

#3. Website Auditor (For knowing the SEO errors of websites)

While every site on the web has errors, no one can claim that their site is free of errors, so this tool can point you to the errors inside your site such as broken links, missing meta tags, missing headings and much more, so you can improve your site SEO later on.

#4. OpenSiteExplorer (Checking the links+Backlinks)
This tool is used to know about your site’s inbound and Backlinks, the tool is free to use and easy to handle.

5. Link Detox (For detecting bad links)

This tool is something really worth testing, this detect the bad inbound links for your site so that you can know who and how is linking to you, by using this tool you can find out the “Bad” or “Spam” links to your site from other sources, and then you can easily remove those links by using Disavow tool in Google webmaster.

6. Backlink Profiler (Links & ranking) 
This tool is used to check the ranking of any website and also how many backlinks a site has. So must give it a try because it is free to use.

7. CopyScape (For checking copied content)

Duplicate content is one of the worst enemy of your blog and you’ve to find whether copycats are re-publishing your content or not, and this tool is the best choice for you. Just use it for finding your copyrighted work by someone else on the web.

8. SEO Spider (For Checking duplication) 

One more great tool to check duplicate content of your blog/site, this tool gives you power to detect your content if it’s copied by others on the internet.

9. Google Adword Keyword Tool (For finding best keywords) 

This is one of the great tools from Google itself, the tool provides you opportunity to find the most searched keyword in the world, this is the most accurate tool for finding best keywords for your post titles or site title. This is absolutely free tool and has been used almost by everyone.

10. Google Trends (For finding the target location of your audience)

Google Trends is one of the tools which is used to find your target audience, for example you may have selected a topic for your blog/site, so you can check in which country or region that topic is searched the most, this tool gives you an idea to optimize your site particularly for a country or region. It’s free to use and easy to handle.

11. Market Samurai (For finding profitable topics, low competition niches) 
What a tool! this gives you countless number of ideas for selecting profitable topics/niches and also tells you the competition for that niche. You can see even the most potentials in a topic.

12. SimilarSites (For finding the keywords & ranking of similar sites)

Find similar sites about your niche, this tool is great tool to find who are your competitors. Means, it shows you the similar sites which are related to your site, so you may come to know about your competitors’ ranking and keyword positions.

13. Xenu Link Sleuth (For finding broken links & other errors)

The tool is so superb, it can help you finding errors inside your site and broken links, which you can later on repair or remove having found.

14. Google Webmaster Tools (For knowing each & everything about a site)

Google Webmaster tools is one of the tools which is necessary for every webmaster to use, this tool shows everything about your site from traffic, keywords, sitemaps and many things more. What you need to use this tool is; just login to webmaster tools with your Google account and add your site then verify your site, and having done that you can see all the data about your site.

15. Google Analytic tool (For knowing the traffic of the site)

One more great tool from Google, this tool is actually used for statistical information of your site’s traffic, you can know about your site’s geographical locations, the time the spend on your site, how many pages the view per visit, the operating systems they are using and much more. Must use it if you want to keep monitoring your traffic.

16. Google PageSpeed Tool (For knowing the speed or loading time of the site)

Fantastic tool from Google, this tool checks your site’s loading time or speed, you can know how your site is loaded in browsers, this tool gives you numeric points out 100 for every site, so if you got 90+ points out of 100 then it’s super ok, but less than 90 means you’ve to work around for reducing the loading time.

17. SeoMoz (To know each and everything about SEO) is the most popular website for learning SEO by reading articles and watching video tutorials. This website also provides you a number of SEO tools for free.

18. SproutSocial  (Social Media promotion)
This is a social media tool, which checks your social media activity and visibility. So you can also have insights of your social media campaigns and signals.

19. Raven tools (For managing SEO task, social media tasks & marketing) 

All tasks can be managed by using this one single tool including SEO tasks, social media tasks and even online marketing tasks, this tool has a premium version as well.

20. SEO by Yoast (SEO Plugin For WordPress, does all seo tasks) 

SEO by Yoast is a famous WordPress plugin which is used by almost all WP users these days, so if you have a blog hosted on WordPress then must install it and configure it for all in one WP SEO.

21. All in one SEO Pack (SEO Plugin for WordPress, does all seo tasks) 

This is another great SEO plugin for WordPress blogs, this plugin is recently updated and upgraded, so it can be now compared to SEO by Yoast. Before it was very simple, but now it has all features which other plugins don’t have I think. Must use it on WordPress, in my opinion it is now better than Yoast plugin.

22. Bing Webmaster Tools (All data of your website in Bing search engine)

It’s all about managing your site on, you can know about your ranking and keyword positions in bing and Yahoo. Yahoo and Bing are now joined. You need to just use bing for submitting your site to bing, and Yahoo will follow bing’s servers to crawl and index your site.

23. Page Rank Checker (for checking the page rank of a site)
This is a common tool which is used for checking Google Page rank of any website, a very simple to use tool and without any errors shows the exact page rank for all sites.

24. Alexa (For checking the traffic rank of a site) is the world’s popular site for determining all sites’ traffic ranking. Alexa gives a numeric rank to each site on the web, you can know about your global and regional ranking for your site by Alexa, also you can know how many backlinks your site has.

25. Link Popularity Tool (For checking the popularity of the link) 

This tool gives you idea that how your links are popular on the internet, means if you have hundreds of backlinks for your site’s home page or a particular page then that page may have a great link popularity, which can be seen live by using this tool.

26. Moonsy Tool (All in one, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Link Authority, More) 

I love this tool, not only this tool but this whole site. This site actually provides you many tools for free, you can check your page rank, your backlinks, your domain authority, page authority, link authority and many things more about your site/blog.

27. IBP SEO Tool (For all SEO statistical Reports) 

This is a large or big software used for SEO statistical reports, this tool is not free, but you can however get the trial version for some days, but if you search on the internet then you may find a free full version as well. However, this tool is worth purchasing, because it has all in one place for SEO’s.

28. IWebTool (For Checking Backlinks of a site) 
This tool can be used for checking the backlinks of a site, also this site provides you some other SEO tools, which you can use for free.

29. Keyword Density Analyzer Tool (For Checking the Limit of Keywords in article)

This is one of the important tool which you must use to know either you are using keywords in balance or doing keyword stuffing, so you must use it to check and balance your keywords in an article.

30. Web PageTest (For checking the speed or loading time of a website) 

This is a tool which is used for checking the loading time or speed of a website/blog, this tool is recommended by Google itself. So must give it a try to know about your site’s speed.
Over to YOU: 
This is not a list to just read and go away, this list is a list which you should keep remember and use many of these tools as necessary for your project, so this gives you all information about your work you’ve done or going to do. So what did you like in this list? and how was this list? Also tell us about your list of SEO tools. And take a lot of care of yourself and your family. Happy SEO’s

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