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Top 10 tips to become a good freelance writer!

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tips-to-become-freelance-writerToday, with the help of internet, anyone can learn how to become a good freelance writer, and start earning as soon as they get their first project. I can tell you this with confidence, that if you have a flair for writing, this career will change your life for good. I know exactly what you are wondering, and no, you do not need a degree in writing. It does not matter what profession you had, you could have been a teacher, and never thought about this. Given below are some tips on how to become a good freelance writer, these tips are just simple to be followed, and in order to become a freelance writer you need to keep these tips always in mind. 

10 Tips to become a great freelance writer!

Tip#1: The first thing you need to do is learn how to write on the internet, you can simply do this by reading different articles on the internet. As most people today multi-task, you need to writer things in a way that will hold their attention. Read as much as you can and take idea of how other professional writers are doing their jobs. This way you’ll learn a lot of techniques and tips.
Tip#2: The next step is to master the technique of search engine optimization, if you want to really earn money by doing writing, you need to learn SEO. As SEO is all about keywords that will help your article place a top spot on Google’s search engine search results. This is not specially for you, but if you know the Search algorithms, then you can write better Keywords-rich articles for your company or clients.
Tip#3: No matter if you are just starting, or you have been writing for years, I am sure you will be familiar with the term plagiarism free. As it is the number one violation when it comes to internet content. If you want to succeed in this field you need to practice writing original content. And this is not impossible, by practicing you can achieve whatever goal you want.

Tip#4: Next tip is to honor the deadlines, remember work done on time, is actually the work done. If you deliver on time, and the quality is up to the mark chances that the client will stick with you. Always try to write the articles on a fixed time, this way you can improve your speed of writing.

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Tip#5: The idea is to know your prospective clients, search around, and create a list of individuals and companies that may require your services. Then you can get in touch with them, and convince them to hire you.
Tip#6: As a freelance writer you need to think independently, and work efficiently, as that is what gives you credibility. In order to achieve that, you need all the right tools, by tools I mean software tools. And there are plenty of tools freely available on the internet. You can just search this term on Google “Best Tools for Freelance Writers”.
Tip#7: In the beginning you will have to work extra hours, and you will be paid less, but don’t let that dis-heart you. Once you have built good reputation, you can take the next step and start to charge more. People will pay you more when they understand you are the best for them.
Tip#8: For starters look into social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as they are tool to connect, and they might get you a high paying project. There are hundreds of active groups & pages on Facebook where you can find countless opportunities for yourself. Just try it out.
Tip#9: When working, try to work with minimum distractions around you, as you need to stay focused on the task at hand. You have to understand that the information you are giving out will be used by someone.

Tip#10: The last tip is important, make sure you do not work overtime, because in the beginning people tend to work overtime and get exhausted. Which leads to poor quality of content, and you end up losing your client. Therefore, Always try to work less but quality work. This way you can gain something BIG.

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Let me know how these tips can help you, if these tips were helpful for you then give me a favor by sharing this article with your friends on social media. And ask your questions & give your suggestions in comment section. Happy Writing!

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