Top 10 Security Plugins for WordPress Blogs

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wordpress security pluginsOnline security is vital for every WordPress blog these days. The increasing security threats are the major problems with the bloggers and the websites. WordPress is the most exercised blogging platform on the internet and most of the bloggers prefer it for blogging.
So it is better to keep the security vigilant on your webpage or blog to avoid any mishap later. Here are top 10 security plugins that can protect your WP blog from hackers and other security threats. You may use some of these plugins to protect your blog. We are just giving you ideas to share all of these top security WP plugins with you. 

Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins

#1. Bullet Proof Security Pro:

The bullet proof security offers security against all the viral software that are XSS, SQL Injection, Base64 and CSRF etc. This plugin also offers to show the website maintenance page while the  website is under construction. So you can have many protection features while using this plugin.

#2. The AntiVirus:

Protect your webpage from malware and spyware that will scan the website for the viruses. It is easy to use plug-in and has got easy features with light bytes. It also lets you know when it finds virus in your website.

#3. Ask Apache:

The plug-in gives you complete support to your website on WP, and save it from being attacked from the malware and viruses to occupy the website. It gets updated automatically and helps in stopping malfunctions to disorder the website. Moreover, it protects your Password from being hacked by hackers.

#4. The Exploit Scanner:

As it says, it scans all the files and data present on the website. It also scans the comments and posts by the external users. It identifies the suspicious activity at once and lets you know about them.

#5. Defensio:

It is the latest filtering plugin that filters all the files and features going on at the site. It posses features like elaborated statistics, RSS feeds etc.

#6. The Limit Login Attempts:

This security plug-in refrains the external source to reach to the site after a number of attempts. It blocks that IP address who is involved with the attempting to login to your site. It seems like the most important plug-in for the safety of your LOGIN details.

#7. Sucuri Security:

This security plugin checks your webpage or blog from every possible present virus. It checks all the spam, malware etc, to strike the website system. It doesn’t allow any virus to come over your site.

#8. The WordFence:

The WordFence protects the website from every corner and with great efficiency. It is the free security plug in that offers firewall, authentication, scanning, DNS security etc. It is indeed the best one of the WordPress. One of the best security plugins which can take overall responsibility of your WP website, I use it myself and it is recommended to you too.

#9. Verelo Blog Monitoring:

This plugin gives you power to monitor your blog from bad attacks of viruses and other things. It gives attractive features along with SMS notification and email. It saves the blog from malware attacks.

#10. Security Ninja Plug-in:

This plug in is making sure about taking actions while getting attacked by some spam or virus. It performs 30+ security tests for the blog or web page. It helps effectively in saving you from facing the hacking problem.
By keeping your WordPress blogs equipped with these plugins, you can surely avoid the hacking and malfunctioned activities. Millions of the people are ensuring their security this way.
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Let us know which of these plugins are you currently use? and what more plugins do you want to use for better security of your WordPress websites? Do comment if you got questions.

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