Top 10 Free Video Sharing Websites

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best video sharing sites
Sharing videos online is one of the great activities I’ve ever done, this is a super great job. In my opinion, a video is 100 times better than text/image content to express yourself. There are many reasons for this, the first reason is; people easily get you what you want to deliver, and it doesn’t bore people. Sharing videos on  the internet can make you a rocking online star, you may be having interest in acting, singing, cooking, blogging, web designing, web development, dancing, joking and many things more, you can just make your channel on any free online video sharing site and can upload your videos there, so people will watch you and will be entertained by you. It is actually a free TV for you, where you can get attention of millions of people from around the world. You can even make money with your videos. So in this post I’ll let you know about top 10 video sharing websites which allow you to freely use their hosting for your video content.

Why Share Videos Online?

Sharing videos online is one of the great ways to express yourself or company for building a community or catch customers for your product. Also sharing videos means to save your life memories online forever. For this purpose we have been using YouTube the most, but we should also now consider using some other websites. YouTube is the king of all video sharing networks, but there should also be alternatives to it.

Top 10  video sharing websites?

Now Here I’m going to share a list of top 10 video sharing websites which provide you same opportunity like YouTube, so you can use their full features and take advantages for making your videos visible on the internet.
YouTube is without doubt a great video sharing site which is very easy to use and fast to load. thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube everyday. So you can freely start uploading unlimited videos to YouTube by just clicking on above link.

#2. DailyMotion.com

This is an old video sharing website similar to YouTube.com and you can upload, share and download videos on this website. For your knowledge; some parts of this website has also been blocked in Pakistan.

#3. Vimeo.com

Vimeo.com is also a good website for sharing videos Online. It is free of cost and you can use its full features. I just uploaded a video to it and it took me around 3 hours to upload my video [10 mins video] on this website :D. Kinda tough job.

This is another website for sharing your video tutorials online. Create a free account on this website and start uploading videos to it without any hesitation.

#5. Voeh.com

This is a very interesting website, people just enjoy it for watching videos, uploading videos and download videos. It loads faster and has all necessary features which a video streaming website must have. Must give it a try.

#6. Viddler.com

Unlike other websites, It is a paid video sharing website, but you can also use it for free. The website has more than 5 years of online existence and thousands of people use it for sharing their video content. So make sure you also try it out.

#7. Break.com

Break.com is one of greatest website for uploading funny videos. This website has millions of funny videos hosted already. So you can just start uploading your videos too. Apart from funny videos, you can also upload normal videos to it.

#8. Ustream.TV

Best site for uploading videos with high quality result, it actually makes the videos to HD format. It’s free to use and easy for uploading videos, just you need to create account in order to upload your videos.

#9. Tune.pk

tune.com is a great website for uploading your videos, you can upload unlimited videos to this site for free, it is based in Pakistan and has great reputation. It is the best alternative to YouTube in Pakistan. The video streaming of this site is super fast.


A treasure of videos, this website provides free service for sharing and uploading your videos online. The website is very easy to use, and already has hosted millions of videos. Funny stuff can be found the most on this website.
Now its your turn, which network you like to share your videos on. Also let me know if you have more video sharing sites in your mind. Thanks for reading the post 😀

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