Things that you must know about US Army Physical Fitness Test

Army of any country needs to be physically fit in order to save their country. So when anyone wants to join the army, they require clearing a physical test. Each country has some needs different factors for clearing the test.United States Army soldiers need to give a fitness test every year once or twice. It is not easy to serve a country. It needs a lot of physical as well as mental strength. So there are some things that you must know if you want to clear US army physical fitness test.

Let’s get started:

Know about the US Army Fitness Test

The United States arranges a test to check the physical endurance and fitness of the army recruiters. The test is taken in three events. First push-ups, second sit-ups and last is a 2-mile run.

US Army Push Ups

Push-ups: Push-up test is taken to check the muscular strength of the shoulders and chest. The tester gives 2 minutes and you have to do push-ups correctly as much as you can do. Any push-up done wrongly will not be counted. The test needs to score 60 out 100 points to pass.

Sit-ups: Then in sit-up test, they check for the strength of hips and abdominal. In the test, you have lay ground on the ground and place hands behind the head and bend your knees. On start, you have to raise the upper body and get back to the previous position. You have to repeat this for the given time slot.

2-miles run: The run is to check the strength of legs, aerobic fitness, and running capacity. You need to complete 2 miles course to in the shortest time slot.

USA Army Running

You have to score 180 out of 300 points to pass the test.

Requirements for the test

Before you go through the physical test, it is important that you meet the qualification requirements of the United States Army. The basic requirements include

  • Be age between 17 to 39
  • Must have clear high school
  • Must pass army vocational aptitude test
  • Have a maximum 2 departments

There are some other requirements such as weight and these are based on the height of the recruiter.

Tactical skills needed For Selection

Passing a physical fitness test is not a child’s play. It needs hard training and endurance. The main tactical and physical skills in which should be excelled are:

  • Push-ups
  • 50-meter swimming
  • Sit-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • 2-mile run
  • Terrain and obstacle run
  • Land navigation tests

Get scored in Army Fitness Test

If you are bad in these tactical and physical skills, then you must do hard work to improve yourself. To score in US army physical fitness test, you should start doing push-ups and sit-ups regularly. It will improve your performance in the next coming days. If you are planning to go through an army test, then don’t start your practice just 10 days before the test. When you start your practice, do it for 10 days and take rest for the next 3 days. On 14 day, take your test and you will get to know about your performance. So do it until you become capable to give the test and then go ahead.

Start going other physical skills required for the test. And you will feel confident and will definitely score passed.

Matter of course

To join the army, it is necessary that you must pass its fitness test. The three events that I have specified earlier are important to pass the test. But in case of any medical issues, it is not necessary to conduct 2-miles run as they conduct alternatives for it such as swim or 2.5 miles walk whereas push-ups and sit-ups do not have any alternatives. And to excel in physical fitness, very hard training is needed.

So start your training and make yourself prepared to serve your country.