While working with blogger.com, there are a lot of features you can use freely. You can use ultimate blogger features once you find them. Blogger itself has provided  countless number of tools, widgets and other resources to its users. You just need to find them. In our today’s post we will discuss about enabling posting… (11 comments)

As you might know blogger recently changed its old interface to completely a new one, and blogger team added some most awaited new features to its new interface including dynamic meta description tag for both home page and individual posts. Before these changes, we were facing issues while adding descriptions separately for Home page and… (7 comments)

In blogger you can change or customize any widget you want. The labels widget in blogger is by default very simple in almost all templates including custom ones. But, we can change the label widget to a fancy one respectively. As blogger labels are the categories for the entire blog’s posts, so they should be… (5 comments)

Today I would like to let you know about disabling right click on your blog. This practice is used to prevent people from copying your specific images and other objects. I’m sharing a simple JavaScript code that will automatically disable the right click on your blog. By using this script you can also protect your content from… (6 comments)

In blogger we’ve given dozens of tools by Blogger itself, to design each part of our blog. We just need to discover them. The blogger custom designer is a great tool which can do anything for you in designing your blog easily. However, today we’ll talk about how to add a read more link or button in every post… (3 comments)