Hi fellows! This blog was actually created for helping you with video tutorials. My main aim is to provide you high quality video tutorials regarding all the topics related to this blog such as Blogger, WordPress, SEO, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Photoshop, Web Designing and similar topics. This blog is now three months old, but… (0 comment)

Previously I published a Count Down Widget About Christmas and thus, I’ve found another beautiful count down widget for happy new year 2013. This widget will be an additional beauty for your blog, because it is Animated widget which is created by using Flash animations. This kind of widgets make your blog more attractive and… (1 comment)

The Merry Christmas festival is few days away and everyone who belongs to Christian religion is waiting for this festival. This is an international festival and is celebrated by millions of people around the World. The exact date for Christmas is 25th of the December, but people start preparation for it some weeks ago. The… (0 comment)

We are throwing the tutorials regarding blogger SEO. And I recently published tutorials about Custom Redirection in blogger and custom page not found. Also you can find dynamic meta tags setting in blogger on this blog. And thus, I’m continuing the series and today we’ll discuss robots.txt file which is also very important in order to deal… (12 comments)

If you read this blog recently then my last post here was about custom not found page in Blogger and now the another similar tutorial is here for you. Today we’ll address the custom redirect feature in Blogger new interface; as you might know, blogger recently added many user friendly features to its new interface.… (1 comment)

My last post was about mobile and email posting in blogger, and thus I’m continuing my blogger tutorials with  more tips to know the basics of blogger new interface. Today, I’ll teach you custom not found feature in blogger. This feature was recently added to blogger’s new interface and has potentials if one uses it correctly. This… (4 comments)

While working with blogger.com, there are a lot of features you can use freely. You can use ultimate blogger features once you find them. Blogger itself has provided  countless number of tools, widgets and other resources to its users. You just need to find them. In our today’s post we will discuss about enabling posting… (11 comments)

As you might know blogger recently changed its old interface to completely a new one, and blogger team added some most awaited new features to its new interface including dynamic meta description tag for both home page and individual posts. Before these changes, we were facing issues while adding descriptions separately for Home page and… (7 comments)

In blogger you can change or customize any widget you want. The labels widget in blogger is by default very simple in almost all templates including custom ones. But, we can change the label widget to a fancy one respectively. As blogger labels are the categories for the entire blog’s posts, so they should be… (5 comments)

Today I would like to let you know about disabling right click on your blog. This practice is used to prevent people from copying your specific images and other objects. I’m sharing a simple JavaScript code that will automatically disable the right click on your blog. By using this script you can also protect your content from… (6 comments)