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List of Best Free Keyword Research Tools

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keyword research toolsKeyword Research is one of the things you must do before publishing your blog post. There may be more possibilities for you if you change your post title a little bit according to the results generated by keyword research tools. There are many free tools you can use for researching new top searched keywords for your next blog posts. Everyone prefers to use a tool which is created by a well-known and famous organization. Therefore, I’m writing this post to let you know about some tools which can change your blogging routine a little bit. However, in my post there will some tools which are free to use and easy to handle. But you don’t need to use all of them, just use the most accurate ones and the popular ones. Let’s have a look at best keyword research tools below.

Top Keyword Research Tools

Among the top keyword tools there are some tools which are considered the most accurate ones and people use them mostly to find relevant keywords for their upcoming blog posts. So here, I’m just mentioning only three tools which can help you in finding some massively searched keywords. These are actually free tools, therefore they are worth testing. And a number of tools are also out there, but they are paid or premium, therefore we shouldn’t talk about them, because we love freebies.

1. Google Adword Keyword Tool 

This tool is provided by Google and is the most useful and most popular tool on the web. Millions of webmasters use it absolutely for free since its creation date and you can use it too. The Biggest advantage of using this tool is; you have all the data options available for your keyword such as the monthly searches for a keyword, the competition level of a keyword, the estimated CPC (Cost Per Click) rates, the downloading option of selected keywords, the local monthly searches for a certain keyword and much more options.

This tool is very useful and is super easy to use. Just bookmark it and use it when you want to find a highly searched keyword for your next blog post.

2. Bing Keyword Research Tool 

This is another great tool from Bing.com which is also a popular search engine after Google. You can just click the above link and write your desired keyword in the field for finding the results from previous time. You’ll be presented with a list of keywords which have been searched recently on Bing.com.

3. KeywordDiscovery

This is another fantastic tool for researching keywords. You can just write your keyword in the text field and fill the below box with the Capcha and hit the search button, you’ll have a list of keywords for your term. This tool gives you a list of countries from which you can select any country. So for each country the result may be vary. However, for having the best results, this tool provides a paid version as well.
In the above list I like Google Adword tool the most but using Bing keyword tool is also a fun having experience. Bing’s tool is in beta version for now and I hope they are going to improve it in the future. So I needn’t to say you’d like these tools or not? but in comment section you should express your thoughts yourself. Take Care of yourself and your family a lot.

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  • CPC method is good for seo can please give a more information about cpc? nice post keep up your good work doing

  • We love and use google adword keyword tools thats one is the best and giving correct answer.

    Ok bro i have a question. on your OU blog you have published an article about how to pretect your blog contents from being copied.

    if we are so worry about duplicate contents then why we are not using its because it disable font selecting. and you are also giving advise to newbie because they are coping your contents they why are u not using its.

    i am personally going to do it but i was confused that may there somthing harm if i use this code and disable the selecting contents. so whats are issues. i know if i would better then first you will apply this on you blog. what do you say about it.

    is there any problem to use this code.

    • well, Hafeez, I’ve also mentioned in my article that the function actually disable all text including the blockquote tag in which I’ve provided codes for different widgets, so I need to first change all those codes into textarea tag, then I can apply that. Because if I apply that now then all the codes tags will also be disable and people won’t be able to copy the codes inside blockquote tags.

      Anyhow, there is no harm in using that trick.

  • Thats good i was also thinking the same. but if you have found any trick about it then you should must write article about its. thanks to BBC.

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