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Link Building Strategies for Better Search Engine Optimization

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link-building-lessonActual backbone of any blog is the number of links pointing to that blog. The more links you have coming to your blog, the higher your traffic level. Search engines, especially Google, give high value to backlinks. The PageRank system of Google is largely based on number of quality sites are linking to you the more links, the higher the PageRank. I have tried many methods to get more quality Links from quality sites. 

Here are Top Link Building Strategies for Getting more Backlinks.

These link building techniques have so far generated over 1635 links from over 135 blogs for my blog, according to Google Webmaster Tools. That’s good enough to rank me 84612 (Date: 12-17-2013) most popular blog on the Internet according to Alexa Traffic Rank. Nearly 60% of my blog’s daily traffic comes from Google, and I have recently got PageRank 2 on the latest update from Google.

Write Quality Search Optimized Content

Everything for your blog is going to begins with content. If you don’t have content, you don’t have a blog. Not only you must have content, but also your content has to be good enough for others So They will link back to you.

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Visit Your Fellow Blogs

This tip is all about getting your name out in the blogsphere and one of the best link building strategies. If people know you, they will visit and if you have great content, they will link. If you want other blogs to link to you, you need to get to know them. Therefore, pay them a visit and leave a few comments in their posts. Generally, that is enough to get the blog owners to give your blog a visit. If your have great content on your blog, there’s a good chance they’ll link to one of your posts.

Give and Take

When you link to others without expecting anything in return, others will link to you. The bloggers from these sites will appreciate it and they’ll be more inclined to link to you when you have an interesting post. A good habit to get into is doing a weekly or biweekly “Top Links” or “Things I saw while browsing the Web” post and sending a pingback to all the blogs linked.

Send Out a News Release

When I have new content on my blog, I send out a news release to the blogs which have same niche as mine and Traffic Blast! You should be building a news list of blogs which have same niche as your. When you have an interesting article, you can send out a news release to your fellow bloggers telling them about it. If your article is good, most blogs will link you.

Work Social Networking Sites

If an article is enticing enough, it will get enough votes to hit the front page of Social Networks. That not only sends you a lot of traffic but it will also get you a ton of links because many sites and blogs link to Social Networks. This strategy worked really well. I would write an article, have it submitted to Social Networks, hit the front page, get tons of traffic and links, rinse and repeat.
Now I think these tips would be enough to somehow build good quality backlinks for your blogs, but if something is missing then do ask in comment section, so I can further assist you. Thank you for reading the post and wish you a great time with bestbloggercafe.com!

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