Learn jQuery with Free Video Tutorials For Beginners

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learning jqueryjQuery is a popular Library of JavaScript, it has simplified using JavaScript in HTML webpages. We recently published complete video tutorials of JavaScript on this blog, and now you need to also have a look at our jQuery tutorials. jQuery is very easy to use and to understand. It is an online library of JavaScript’s functions which are saved in simple variables. We can call any complex JavaScript’s function using a simple jQuery method. This library was created in 2006 for the first time by JS developers to make JS easier for web developers and designers. It is also used massively in AJAX’s techniques. So here are some tutorials for learning jQuery basic methods. We’ll soon update you with more tutorials regarding this library.

What can be done with jQuery?

You can do many tasks using jQuery very easily. As you might know that JavaScript is a very powerful but complex web development language. Therefore, jQuery came into being for simplifying using JS. Now you can create any dynamic application easily using jQuery such as image sliders, image galleries, different widgets etc.

What will you learn in this video training?

For now I’ve kept things basic and simple in this course, and you’ll learn the basic methods of jQuery while watching my video tutorials. You’ll learn following methods of jQuery while watching video tutorilas below:

  • Hide() & Show Methods
  • Toggle() Method
  • SlideUp, SlideDown & SlideToggle methods
  • FadeIn, FadeOut & FadeToggle Methods
  • Animate() Method
  • Stop() & Start() methods
and something more related to jQuery library. Now here is a playlist of video tutorials straight from my YouTube channel, you can watch all the videos at once.
I hopefully can say that you’ll learn the basics of jQuery by watching my video tutorials, however, I’ll be updating you with some really cool projects in jQuery. Stay Tuned and take Care.

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