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By | January 22, 2013
On this blog I posted many video tutorials regarding different HTML elements such as the basic tags of HTML, examples of HTML, creating forms in HTML, creating tables in HTML and so more. But now I have a complete HTML video course for you. In this course there are more than 20 video tutorials which will teach you all about this basic language of web designing. Below is a playlist of video tutorials which is containing the course from basic to advance level. And this course is in English language, though I’m not an English speaker [lol]. I’ll add more advance videos to this playlist when they are ready in the future.

HTML5 Video Tutorials in English

Now here is the list of tutorials, you just need to play one video and after finishing one, the another will be playing automatically. You can also use next and previous option. Because this is not a single video, this is a collection of videos from YouTube.
Having watched above videos, I hope you’d have learned the basics of HTML. After this course, I’ll be publishing video tutorials about CSS3 and at the end I will teach you about creating a website layout in HTML and CSS3. So stay tuned.

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