JavaScript Complete Video Tutorials For Beginners

By | June 6, 2013
javascript tutorials This blog’s main aim is to provide you video tutorials on each and every topic posted here. We however, didn’t get time to provide you much tutorials in the past days, but now I hope we’ll be able to provide you tutorials as much as we can. And thus, today I’ve come up with complete training series of JavaScript. In this video tutorials series of JavaScript you’ll learn the basics of JS and after that you’ll come to know how to practically use JS in web pages. After this course, I’ll serve you with jQuery video tutorials. And I already have published some great PHP tutorials which you can also watch to enhance your web development skills. Also the future is in your hand, I mean, I’ll be providing you some great web development stuff here. Now let’s talk about JavaScript.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is basically a powerful web development or web programming language. It is also called a client side scripting language, This means that browsers have support to understand JavaScript’s codes and functions and return output instantly. So therefore, it doesn’t require a web server to be executed, Instead it runs on the user’s local server such as a web browser.

What can we do with JavaScript?

You can do many tasks by using JavaScript. It is a powerful web development language which can change state HTML pages to dynamic pages. It can also validate forms before they are submitted to a web server,  and it saves the extra server requests. JavaScript moreover, reacts on visitors’ behavior in a live context such as when user clicks a button or something like that or when a visitor enters a page or leaves a page; such occasions are called “Events” in JavaScript.

What is jQuery?

jQuery is the library of JavaScript which is a simple version of JS functions. jQuery has simplified JavaScript for everyone. But we are not gonna learn jQuery here, but yeah, we’ll be learning it in my coming video tutorials on jQuery.

What will you learn in this video course?

You’ll learn the basic syntax of JavaScript, the methods of JavaScript, the arrays, the functions, the date objects, the DOM (Document Object Model) methods, the window objects, creating clock in javascript and many things more. You just need to watch all the videos with full concentration. Now just learn it.
Note: This is a playlist and contains 24 video tutorials about JavaScript. So enjoy it.

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    Nice POst Wali Bro…
    I have some knowledge of JavaScript… but by this My knowledge will be booost.

  2. Wali Khan

    @amir Iqbal,
    Brother I think you are viewing the videos from Pakistan, actually the videos are hosted on, so you first need to open YouTube and then watch the videos here.


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