Implement New Adsense Ad Unit of Large 970*90 Size

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New adsense unit 970*90
Google Adsense just launched a new content ad unit of large horizontal size 970*90 and this is a brand-friendly ad unit, was stated in Adsense blog just today. The new ad size is the second major addition in Adsense ad sizes. Just few months back, Adsense added a big ad unit 300*600 to their available sizes of Google ads. This size will be available in both types Text/images; but for now it will only be showing text ads because it will take a little time for advertisers to create new brand-friendly ad units of 970*90. So this is a great news for all publishers as well as advertiser who will now be able to get the most potentials from Adsense ads. And for increasing their earning by expanding various ad sizes on their sites. The New ad size will be suitable for both publishers and advertisers because more sizes actually play role in increasing ideas.Implement

The New Ad unit will be looking like this:

new Adsense ad unit 970*90

What are the benefits of using this ad unit?

There are many benefits one can get by using this newly added size to Adsense such as; now you have choice for implementing this ad on an empty place of your site where before you wasn’t able to insert an appropriate size. So this is a larger horizontal unit which can be inserted into the footer or header of your blog. This ad unit will show up to four ads and will also show image ads when they are ready by the advertisers.
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What is the limit of Adsense ad units on a single page?

The limit for Google ads will still be the same, as you can insert up to 3 ad units into every page. And only one 300*600 ad unit is allowed per page. However this is to remember that a premium Adsense publisher can insert more than 3 ad units per page, but normal publisher can’t.

Adsense is actually doing great especially by expanding the sizes. Because now you have multiple choices to select any ad unit of your choice and insert into your pages wherever you want. And the more sizes are available, the more chances are to get the highest income from Adsense.

You can implement this new ad unit by just going to your Google Adsense account and create a new ad unit, and you’ll see this size available to you for implementation.

Let me know in comment section that how do you find this new addition to Adsense ad sizes? And take a lot of care of your buddies!

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