HTML Video Tutorials: Learning Marquee Tag

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Marquee is one the beautiful HTML tags which is used to either scroll some text, images or anything you may like and you can run a slide by using HTML marquee tag. The syntax of using this tag is very simple and you can use it anywhere inside a webpage on any platform. You can use it on your simple HTML website and also it can be used on WordPress and blogger etc.
My today’s tutorial about marquee tag containing two video tutorials which will show you the usage of marquee tag in detail, however I’ll also be teaching you it throughout this article. So first watch these videos to understand marquee tag and below the videos I’ll give you practical codes.
HTML marquee tag video # 1

HTML marquee tag video # 2

As you’ve watched above video tutorials to learn marquee tag, so now the syntax is very easy just like below example of a simple marquee:

<marquee>This is the text which will be running on the page</marquee>

The above example is just with empty marquee tag so you can also add its attributes and the attributes are used to add more functionality to tags in HTML and each HTML tag has its own attributes. So look at below example with some attributes:

<marquee direction=”left” bgcolor=”yellow” scrollamount=”50″> This is the text which will be scrolling with some attributes of marquee tag</marquee>

So just open notepad file for practice and save the below code inside that with HTML’s extension, so you can practice all of its attributes.

<title> marquee tag examples</title>
<marquee behavior=”scroll” direction=”right” scrollamount=”30″ bgcolor=”orange”>text goes here</marquee>

Just save the above coding inside a notepad file and save it with any name you want but after the name give the extension as .html like this example: marquee.html; so the file will become a web page. Now let me tell you all of its attributes.
  • behavior: this attribute is used for how should the tag behave and the values are: slide, scroll and alternate.
  • direction: this attribute is used for giving directions such as left, right, top and down
  • bgcolor: it is for background color so you can add any color you want like; red, green, orange etc
  • scrollamount: this is used for the speed of the tag, you can give the value from 1 to 100.
Rather then simple text you can also add images and links inside marquee tag, so they will also be scrolling same like text, see below example for clarification:

<marquee><img src=”//3.bp.blogspot.com/-YuzACa_zdnk/UMzvERUCSsI/AAAAAAAAhzo/Zlo5cdN_OII/s1600/ss.png”></marquee>


I hope you’ve learnt something useful by reading this post, however, this blog is completely developed for web designers, web developers, web masters and bloggers. So stay with us for more HTML tutorials.

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