HTML Video Tutorials: Basic Introduction

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Hi fellows! This blog was actually created for helping you with video tutorials. My main aim is to provide you high quality video tutorials regarding all the topics related to this blog such as Blogger, WordPress, SEO, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Photoshop, Web Designing and similar topics. This blog is now three months old, but I’m just sharing my first two video tutorial with you which are about learning HTML. I didn’t get much time to record video tutorials in previous months, but from today onward, I’ll be sharing video tutorials along with text tutorials on this blog.

Now the first video two tutorials are about learning HTML and in these video tutorials you’ll learn the introduction of HTML. Moreover, I’ll be publishing each and everything about HTML 4.0 and HTML 5.0 also we’ll learn CSS3 during the upcoming tutorials.

What is HTML?

HTML is basically a hyper text mark-up language which tells the web browsers how to display the content on the web. So this is basically used to create web pages or static websites. However, also it can be declared as the backbone of websites. Because, all other languages are embedded into HTML and without using HTML you can not use other languages directly to create a website. So here we are with our first introduction class of HTML. Watch video tutorials below and also continue reading the article.

Introduction video tutorial about HTML

Video Tutorial about creating first HTML file

How does HTML work?

HTML’s syntax is very simple, and HTML codes are usually called tags which come in pair. These tags tell the browser about the content (text, images, media) that how to display them on the web. So for each data element there is a tag in HTML which you’ll have to write in the coding file in order to display that element on the web browser. If you don’t write the codes for each element then the content won’t be displayed as you want. HTML tags are written like below example:
<HTML> this is starting tag! </HTML> this is closing tag.

<body> this is another tag</body>
<head>this is one more tag</head>

As told, HTML works in tags and tags come in pair like a starting tag and a closing tag. They aren’t case sensitive  You can write them either in small letters or in capital. All the content goes between the tags.

How to create an HTML file?

For writing HTML codes, many text editors are used such as Notepad, Notepad++ and Dreamweaver etc. But if you use Notepad++ for writing HTML codes then it would be better and can easily be downloaded freely by writing notepad++ in Google. However, you can always find Notepad in almost all operating systems. Now when you have got a text editor, you can create a simple webpage by using HTML. First of all open a text editor (notepad etc) and then insert or write the following coding inside that and save that file, but when you’re saving the file give it a name as whatsoever you want, but remember, the extension should also be added to the file so it’ll become a web file. You can give a name and extension like this: mypage.html, mypage is the name of the page and the .html is extension so it is necessary to add the extension. Now we’ll add or write the following codes in our text editor which contain all the necessary tags which are used in a web page:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>This is my first web page!</title>
<body bgcolor=”gray”>
<h1 style=”color:yellow;”> Welcome to my HTML Website!</h1>
<p style=”color:white;”> We a team of web designers who provide the best results for companies like you. hire us for your project</p>
<br><p><b>Copyrights – 2012</b>

In above HTML file we created a file with basic standard HTML tags like the document in <html></html> tags and the content in the <body></body> tag. However, the <!DOCTYPE html> is just for validating the file for supporting HTML5 which is the latest version of HTML. In the head section only specific information are given like the title of the webpage, meta tags for search engines and other data which are not displayed on the main page. The above code will generate following result in a browser like below image:

We also used a little bit CSS in our page, but we’ll learn CSS separately with its advance level in our upcoming tutorials.

However, you can create simple pages by using our today’s text and video tutorials. And we’ll publish complete HTML video course in video format on this blog. So stay with us.

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