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How to write Quality & Original Content for your Blog?

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As you may have heard that search engines especially Google loves to index quality and original content. But the question is; how to write Quality and unique content for your blog or website?. I’ve come up with few tips regarding this topic and I hope you’ll find my tips useful. Actually this happens to people who are not actually professional writers but want to become bloggers, therefore they can’t write good content for their blogs and strive for a long time. Also people who aren’t good at English, face difficulties while writing quality and unique content. We’ll discuss it in this post and will discover some ideas and tips. However, quality content may still be unknown for some reasons, but we can define some aspects of  quality content on the web.

How to write Unique & Quality content?

Quality content simply means; the content which attracts visitors to read it from starting to end. You can make your content quality by adding values to it, adding values means, that you fully cover the topic you are writing on, and make sure you present your content in a professional way, use short paragraphs with appropriate headings. Also keep the visitor entertain to read the post till the end.
Your post or article must have three parts, the introduction to the topic, the information about the topic and the summary of the topic. The first paragraph (introduction) will decide about the quality of your article, so work more hard on the first paragraph, and make that stunning.

Before writing the article, first make a proper research on the same topic on the internet, read top 3 to 6 articles which are already published on the same topic.

By researching on the web and reading already published articles, you’ll come to know that something was messing in those articles which you read.

So you’ll be able to write the same topic in your won beautiful words. This is not a very big deal. You can write a 500 words quality article very easily.

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Make your content beautiful

As I already mentioned that you should make the first paragraph attractive, but sorting your content in a professional way is another key to success. People always love to read articles which are in short paragraphs and have every point described in its respective para.
Finally, if you have written an article about anything i.e an incident, a news, a breaking news, info, tips and whatsoever; just t make it sure, whether you’ve presented the story in details and will it help people or not? and will it be useful for the public or not?. Think as a neutral, and if you liked the article then publish it. But if you yourself didn’t like the content then don’t waste others time too.

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  • Great Wali Bhai nice Post its really meaningful. I will always follow your instructions to do the Best..
    Thanks For sharing this nice post.

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  • Off Topic : Wali Bro, I’ve bought a custom domain name for my blog and it’s working fine and I also redirected old domain to new one. Now tell me that I should remove the old sitemap from webmaster tools or remain it same and submit new sitemap?? In the webmaster tools, My same blog is added again with new domain !!! Bro, Please help me, what to do now ??? I’m waiting for your reply..

    • Keep the old sitemap as it is, and submit a new sitemap for the new domain, because Google needs to transfer all the old URLs to new ones.

      This may take up to a month for Google to transfer all the pages to the new address.

      Hope it helps you.

  • Thanks brother and should I do this same with bing webmaster tools ??

  • Ok Thank you Very Much !!

  • Wali Bro.. Now Google has successfully indexed all the post and Now should I remove old domain from webmaster tools ?? I think may this make copyright issue !!

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