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How to Test Your Site On Mobile Devices Online?

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mobile friendly siteThe mobile technology has dramatically improved more than expectations. It is even growing faster than desktop technology. Google has stated that every webmaster should keep the mobile devices in mind while creating a website, because the searches coming from mobile devices are currently either equal to desktop devices or very close to desktop devices. And according to the search analyses, Google has stated that from 2015 onwards, Mobile devices will lead over the desktops. And that’s true because mobile is now a cheap and affordable technology for everyone. And mobiles now support all features which a computer would support. So throughout this article, we’ll learn how to test/check a website on different mobile devices online. This way we don’t need to buy or take a mobile from someone to test our site.

This is just the checking/testing step, however, in coming day, I’ll also write some posts about making your WordPress sites Mobile friendly and also blogger blogs. Now here is the list of few websites which provide you tools to test/check a website on different mobile devices online for free.

Check Website’s Look on Mobile Devices

Now this is no more difficult to check your website/blog on all mobile devices on a single page, and this has come true, because the fastest growing rate in technology. Everyday a new tool or device is introduced. Now here are few tools/you can use to test your website/blog online.

1. http://mobiletest.me/

This is one of the great websites for checking/testing your site on all kind of mobile browsers, you can test your site on Nokia, Samsung, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy and Android. This website provides you all these for free and is very fast to browse websites. So must give it a try.

2. http://www.studiopress.com

StudioPress.com is a WordPress theme provide website, which has now introduced a great tool for testing your site/blog online on different mobile devices. You can select any resolution to check how will your site look on that. It is indeed a great tool and free to use.

3. http://transmog.net
One of the best website to check/test your site on different advance mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Smart Phones, you can also test your site on Windows Mobile. This tool is also a nice tool to have a look at.

4. http://iphonetester.com/

This tool will give you an features to test your site on iPhone and iPad devices. The tool is very simple and super easy to use. So this is created for you to check your site/blog on mobile devices, do use it for free.
These were some tools to test/check your site on different devices online, and now you can find your site that how it looks on different devices, so if you see that your site not appearing good in mobile devices then you can pay attention to make a mobile friendly version of your site.

We’ll soon publish tutorials on how to make a mobile friendly version of your WordPress site and also how to make a blogger blog mobile friendly. We’ll also give you suggestions for other static & dynamic sites.

Now tell me how did you find these tools? and do you know any other tools to share with us? so let me know in comment section. Take Care!

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