How to Report Invalid Clicks to Google Adsense?

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Adsense click fraudGoogle Adsense is a PPC (Per Per Click) ad network, which pays you for valid clicks by the visitors on your websites/blogs. The valid clicks actually occur by users’ interest genuinely. Google Ads are very close & relevant to your website’s content. Therefore, users naturally click the ads if they are relevant to the query they were searching for. This is a common sense and Google’s ad network has three major parties, the advertisers who pay money to Google for displaying their ads, the publishers who show Google Ads on their sites, and the users who view the ads. Google has been trying to make a trustful balance among all these parties. And therefore, they give importance to all of them, however, the advertisers’ money is more important to Google, because in the behalf of them the network is running successfully for last 10 years. So Google takes deep care of the clicks received on publishers’ websites. Google closely monitor every single click if it is generated genuinely or generated illegally.

Now the issue is; sometimes invalid activity occurs in your Adsense account which is a painful moment for a loyal and honest publisher. Because you can’t really prevent invalid activity on your websites, The click bombing or sabotage is the another name of fraud clicks on adsense ads. So there are chances if someone is either having jealousy with you or may be your enemy can manually clicks on your Ads without informing you; One might use a software/bot to automatically generate hundreds/thousands of clicks on your ads within few minutes.

What should you do if you received invalid activity in your account?

Google says; you are responsible for your traffic and visitors. And you should take care of your site and the Adsense ads which are being displayed on your sites, but the question is; how can a publisher prevent people from viewing a website? this is actually very very difficult. However, Google has stated that if you receive any kind of click bombing or artificially generated clicks then let us know and we’ll closely monitor your account. So what you need to do is; when you saw unusual activity in your account, you should instantly report that to Google by following given link below:
The above link is the direct contact form to Adsense, you should fill that form with accurate information about the activity that occurred in your account. Adsense team will do the rest for you.
If you received click bombing or invalid activity on your ads one time then use the above form to let Adsense know about the situation. However, if someone is again and again clicking on your ads then you must take down the ads from the affected website for few days.
I recently attended an online webinar arranged by Adsense team on Google+, I posted two important questions that if a publisher is honestly running his account for more than 2 or 3 years then he should be informed for a policy violation instead of disabling his account at all. And the second important question I posted was; Adsense system should automatically detect invalid activity on any site, and this can be done easily by just ignoring more than 3 or 5 clicks from a certain IP address. And my questions were liked by many other publishers on that webinar.
Last Words
I’m myself an Adsense publisher for last 3 years and have been honestly using it for monetizing my websites and blogs. However, I myself have received invalid activity or click bombing many times on my websites. And each time I’ve reported the invalid activity instantly to Adsense team. And as far as I know you shouldn’t be worried much about invalid activities because this is the way of life, something, sometimes, somewhere goes wrong, though. :D.
Just be loyal with Adsense and never use illegal ways to earn with Adsense, instead work hard to produce quality content and make a readership. Use Search Engine Optimization for long term organic traffic and get help from all resources including Google. You can follow Adsense blog for every update about Adsense here:
Now let me know about your thoughts in comment section, also tell how was or is your experience with Google Adsense and have you ever received any invalid activity in your account and if so then tell me how did you deal with that?.. Stay Tuned!

Comments (5)

  • Very nice article and the points raised from your side and I also think that why google don’t think about implimenting a system which does not allow the user to click for more than 2 to 3 times.
    My question to you is that how can we come to know about click bombing on our site,as you did not mentioned any method to check, because many innocent publishers like me don’t know how to check if there is an invalid activity or click bombing.
    Adeel Ahmed
    Wifitech Communications

    • Brother, every day we check our adsense account for daily reports, so we know the exact average clicks we receive everyday, therefore, if you are receiving 50 clicks on average bases, may be some day 40, some day 60 and so on, but if you saw 600 clicks another day then? That’s simply called click bombing or click fraud or invalid activity. So you need to report that to Google. there is a big difference between 50 & 600.

      I hope now it is clear. And yes I also raised this question in a recent Adsense Webinar that Google should take this responsibility itself. Let’s hope for better.

  • Thanks Wali Bro for the nice information about Google Invalid clicks..Things looks uniques.

  • Thanks Wali Bhai Please Meri Website Chek Karke Batein k Google Se Itni Traffic Kyun Nahi AATI Hai Ye Admin K Comments Kaise Highlight Karte Hain
    ye Hai Meri Site


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