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How to Redirect Pages in Blogger New Interface?

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If you read this blog recently then my last post here was about custom not found page in Blogger and now the another similar tutorial is here for you. Today we’ll address the custom redirect feature in Blogger new interface; as you might know, blogger recently added many user friendly features to its new interface. So one out of them is custom redirection. By using this feature you can redirect any of your blog’s page to a new address. This feature wasn’t available in old interface of blogger.

When this feature is used?

This feature is only used when you change any URL of your existing pages/posts, because search engines will still show your older URL which you changed, and the visitor will be facing an error page. So when you change your older posts/pages’ URL then it becomes necessary for you to redirect the older URL to the new one by using a custom 301 redirect. 301 redirect is usually called permanent redirect. However, if you want to temporarily redirect a URL to another one then you can use a 302 code for this. However, I would recommend to use always 301 redirect because it is search engines’ friendly. After redirecting your older page to the new address; search engines will show the new page to the visitors.
If you still didn’t get me then we can take an example of a page which I published on this blog and its URL is www.bestblogger.com/blah-blah-blah and later on, either I deleted this page or I changed its address, because I felt there has been something missing or something was wrong. If I deleted this page then the yesterday’s tutorial can be read, however if you want  to redirect a changed URL to the new one then simply first copy the older URL before changing and paste it inside notepad and after that when you change the URL or the title of the post then once again view the post in browser and copy the new URL which is created after changing. So, you’ll just redirect the previous URL to the new one.

Now let’s start doing it in Blogger new interface:

  1. First Login-to your Blogger Dashboard
  2. Setting >> Search Preferences >> Edit >> And you’ll find this box as showing in below picture

In above picture you can see there is two kind of text boxes, the first one where it says “From” is for the older URL which you had for a page and the second where it says “To” is for the new URL after changing. As I mentioned earlier that copy the older URL before changing, so you just need to put that URL in the “From” box and the new one in “To” box. Also make sure to check the box which is colorized with red color. If you don’t check this box then the redirect will be temporary 302 and if you check this box then the URL will be 301 permanent redirect; which is much better for SEO.Now if you’re having difficulties or having questions regarding today’s tutorial or regarding this blog then don’t forget to comment by using below box. Till next tutorial take a lot of care of yourself and your family!

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