How to Protect Your Blog Content From Being Stolen?

By | July 30, 2013
protect your blog contentIf you are a blog writer then at some point during your work, you will definitely experience stealing of your content or blog. Although it is considered illegal in law but unfortunately it has now become a part of the world of blogs and online contents.
There is no 100% security to protect your blog from being stolen yet there are some steps that could be taken to minimize it.
Before proceeding to those steps, first we should know how we will find out whether our blog is stolen or not. Following sources could help us in finding that.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is one of the online tools that could detect whether your blog post got stolen or not. You can get subscribed to these email alerts by notifying Google about the tabs you want to keep on some specific keywords and phrases, in your blog. Google will send you an alert via email if your content gets published elsewhere.

Plagiarism Checking Tools

There are several plagiarism checkers available online that could help you in finding if you work got stolen. Some of them are Plagium, Grammarly and Duplichecker etc.

Copyright your work

One of the main steps you can take to protect your online work is to copyright it. Several methods are available to copyright your content but the easiest is addition of your personal copyright to every page of the blog. You can also use My Free Copyright, which provides an online proof to your own copyright one you report about the theft of your blog post.


Another step you can take in protection of your blog is to use Copyscape. This free and easier to use site will tell you if any other website, blog or forum has your work present on it. Adding a banner to your blog or online work could also help in its protection.

Adding Java Script Code

This option might not sound better to those who have a free blog but it could be the best one for those who have their own domain. If you are having your own domain, addition of the script protects from highlighting your page as well as copying too. A right click disable script is also present but that totally depends on what protection level you want to maintain for your blog post.

Using WordPress SEO

If you are using WordPress CMS for blogging then this WordPress plug-in could be very beneficial for you as it includes some features that will enable you to add some code to your own RSS feed. So if your blog gets published elsewhere on any other website, then a link will be generated automatically which will point back to your blog.

Using Google Authorship

Google Authorship is another easy step you can take to protect your blog’s content from being stolen. Just add your owned blogs to your Google+ profile and also add a link of your Google+ profile to all of your blogs with a rel=”me” or rel=”author” attribute, so this way Google will recognize all of your blogs content and will easily identify the stolen content on the web.

Report Copycats

Moreover, if you found your content copied by someone on the web, and you want to remove that content from search engine Google then you can use this page to report the copycat to Google. Google takes immediate action to take down the content from their servers.
Let us know how do you try to protect your blog content from being stolen by others. And what more actions you take to make it sure your original work is safer?..!

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  1. Anzaq ali

    very well written article. i want to add another website here name it helps you allot in tracking copied material and increase traffic by that copied material. i also using it check my blog copy any line and then paste some where then you will come to know how it work here is my blog All you need

  2. waleed raza

    salaam bro
    nice post
    many blogger have this problem that beginers will Theft their content and google will rank down innocent blogger’s site. but now internet will advanced. now every problem’s Solution are available .thanks for helpfull info.

  3. Faizan Mubariz

    Sallam to all!
    someone hack my blog few days ago. And hacker published the porn pictures on my blog. My family members and my friends see the blog and then call me and ask me about my blog. Hacker change the Alternative Email Address, Security Question and now i cannot recover my account. After one week i see the google adsense Ads are remove from my blog. I am so much worried about this act. I donn’t know. what i can do?


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