How to Protect WordPress Site Content from Plagiarism?

By | March 31, 2013
stop plagiarism in WordPressPlagiarism or infringement is one of the worst thing in today’s blogging world. And copying others content has been the first attempt for many newbie bloggers. New bloggers, actually find everything just like open doors and start copying others’ articles and re-publish on their blogs. But when they come to know that they were doing the worst job then the time has already been wasted. However, everyone comes to know later on about the sensitiveness of copyrights. Duplicate content sometimes kills your blog ranking.
Plagiarism issues are faced by both WordPress and blogger users, but while reading this article you’ll learn how to protect your content from being copied by others on WordPress. As you know WordPress has the treasure of plugins which can do any job for you. You need to just click and install the plugins. If you are a WP user and want to protect your content fully from being copied by others then use following plugins.

This plugin will protect your content from getting copied by copycats, it actually disable right click on your blog as well as text selection. Visitors won’t be able to select any text or copy any text from your WP Blog. Also this plugin is a very SEO friendly plugin which normally allow search robots to crawl your site. Installation of WP CopyProtect is quite easier like other plugins, you can download it from given link above or you can search it directly from your WP Dashboard.

2. CopyRightPro

Wordpress plugin to stop plagiarism

If above one doesn’t work for you then use this one, which also works fine for all WP blogs. It will do following tasks on your WP blog:

  • Will disable text selection on your blog
  • Will disable right click on your blog
  • Will disable dragging of text/images on your blog
  • Will disbale drag and drop images on your blog
  • It doesn’t effect your blog’s SEO
This plugin will protect all of your content available on your blog from getting copied by others. This ensures protecting images as well as articles. This plugin has a paid version as well.
You can install CopyRightPro either by downloading it from WordPress.ORG or directly from your WP Plugins directory.
So having these two plugins or one of them installed on your blog, Copycats won’t be able to create plagiarism issues for you, because you’ve somehow protected your content from getting used by others.
Have a nice day and let me know if you found anything wrong while installing any of the above plugins.

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