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How to Manage Negative Comments In Your Blog?

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how to manage negative commentsEvery Blogger should actually look forward to negative comments in their blog because its an sign of growth. This is basic rule to keep in your mind. The number of negative comments only increases when your blog gets bigger So, Its actually positive sign for your blog. In simple word you can say your blog is growing. But it does not mean that you should purposely try to piss reader off. That would be really stupid. Today blogsphere is actually too diverse a place for anybody to be happy.  

Encouraging Discussion:

Just consider your blog comment section only have “great post”, “nice article”, “good attempt” etc. Is it not make your blog post boring? Definitely Yes. So Whats encourages discussions among the readership, “Negative Comments” which makes your post live. I always allow negative comments on my blog because i know their will be two commenting parties one will be in favour and other will be against which will share thier views. So Negative Comments actually an real method to drive traffic on your blog.

Your Readers Will Never Leave Your Site:

Now i am going to share my own example  I,ve had commentators who post that my site is worst and they are going to leave my site and will never come back but after some day they are accusing me again on another post. So What does i actually want to say is nobody can completely left a site . they may not visit your site for a while but its rare for someone to never back.

How to Handle a Negative Comment:

Best way to handle a negative comment is to thank commentator for making it and then address his actual concerns or problems. Never flame your reader who search your blog and flames you. It will be highly unprofessional if you flame back your readers. Never treat negative comments as bad thing. because it symbol of  the growth of your blog and it indicate that you have done something right. If you never got any negative comment it means something is wrong with your blog and people dont take intrust  in your blog. Hope you got my point. If you have any query feel free to ask me via comment box given below. Stay Blessed 🙂

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