How to Make WordPress Website Mobile Friendly using Plugins?

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mobile-site-for-WordPressInternet has never been like this as it is today. Some decades ago, one could never think even about using mobile or cellphones, but, today people use it for managing businesses. As the internet users increased over the last few years. But, and more interestingly mobile internet users increased 400% in 2011 which is much more than desktop users. And  by 2015 year, mobile users will dominate over the desktop users. I’m not saying this; this has been said by Google who is the biggest giant of the internet and global internet searches.
According to previous Google analyses about mobile searches, there has been an amazing growth in mobile users in 2011-2012. Google statistics show that by 2015 mobile users will be dominating the desktop users and therefore you need to now seriously think not only for desktop users but also for mobile users. Honestly, mobile users are the future of the internet. So therefore, I’ve decided to give you some tips to optimize your WordPress site for mobile users.

And we’ve already talked about Testing your site on mobile devices on line AND how to easily create a mobile friendly blogger blog. you can just look at below tutorials to know about making a mobile friendly blogger site:

And thus, I’m coming up with the next tutorial.
Basically, you might know that WordPress is a plugins’ treasure, where you can do any task not by yourself but by using plugins. So therefore, you shouldn’t be worried about optimizing your WordPress site for mobiles. We’ll use a plugin to optimize our WP site for mobiles, now let’s start doing it by the help of screen shoots:
  1. First of all go to www.mobify.com
  2. Click the link which is saying try mobify now and as showing in the picture below
After clicking above link you’ll be redirected to this page:
On above page, just enter your email address and password so that they may give you access to use the site. After filling the text boxes click the sign up button. And you’ll be here:
Now on above page, you’ll have to insert your WP site’s URL and will choose a title for it, you can give it a title of four or three words. Having done that, just click ‘Create mobile Site” and you’ll be redirected to the next step; which is developing your mobile site in Mobify’s Studio so you can design your site in a mobile tablet very easily and insert all the section of your main site into mobile site and after that just finish the editing. So next step is to install mobify like below screen shoot:
Just click the View Tag Guide and you’ll be jumping to this page:
You’ll be given some JavaScript codes which you’ll have to insert inside your site’s HTML section. It’s important because it will be automatically redirecting your visitors [mobile visitors] to the new mobile version site. So click the copy to clipboard button. T
The code is now copied and you’ll have to insert it inside your WordPress site, just do the following for inserting it inside your site:
  1. Go to WordPress dashboard
  2. Appearance >> Editor >>
  3. See the image for example
Click it. And you’ll be seeing all sections of your WP blog/site, so from the right side bar select the section where it says “Header“, see the screen shoot for example:
So you’ll find the inside header.php file and you can use CTRL+F to find it easily, after finding the exactly after it paste the code which you copied from mobify.com. And save the file or update the file. That’s all done.
Now come back to mobify.com and click the link verify. And within some time your site will be published for mobile users. It will be seen on all smart phones such as apple, ipad, iphone and blackberry etc with a better shape. Finally I got this mobile site for my WP site:
Now mobile users will easily use my site and it will be flexible on their screens. And there won’t be any issues of resolutions etc.

Alternative Plugins:

The above one is just a simple plugin for WordPress, but there are dozens of more plugins you can use to optimize your WP blogs for mobiles. So must try the below listed plugins as well:
The above plugins are the best ones for optimizing your site for mobiles, so do check them one by one and catch the mobile users along with desktop users. And boost your traffic and page views.
I hope it will increase or even change your traffic statistics. Let me know if you have further questions… Have a great time ahead!

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