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How to Make a Backup of your blogger blog?

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backup blogger blogBlogger.com is a free web publishing tool, but you don’t have access to the Root directory of your blog. Also you can’t access your blog via FTP server. Therefore, sometimes by violating a policy of blogger, your blog may be deleted or your blog may be disabled unintentionally by blogger automatic system. There are many other situations when your blog may be lost. But if you have a backup or a copy of your blog then you can recover your blog’s data and everything you had on your blog including images. So in today’s post, I’ll be teaching you about completely backing up your blog and also how to download the copy of your template along with installed widgets. The Procedure is quite simple and easy. And with my way of teaching you’d definitely enjoy it.

How to Download your blog’s template?

You sometimes change your blog’s template and later on you came to know that you did a big mistake; so before changing your template, you must download the copy of your older template. In case if anything went wrong, you can install the older template again to make things back in order. By downloading your template, you are actually downloading the widgets and other scripts as well.
Now let’s start the procedure of downloading the template:
  • Go to your template page in blogger
  • Click The Backup/Restore option at right top
  • Now click download full template as showing in below picture
download blogger template
It will take few seconds to download your template along with all installed widgets and third party scripts such as Facebook like box, Google Analytics, Meta verification tags etc.
But keep in mind that the above procedure doesn’t store your blog’s all data such as posts, pages, images, comments etc.
So if you want to store your entire blog or in other words you want completely back up your blogger blog then do following steps:
  • In blogger go to Setting Page
  • Now click OTHER at the end
  • Click the “EXPORT BLOG” option as showing in below picture
Export Blog
This will take few seconds or minutes according to your blog’s data. If you have hundreds of posts published then it may take a few minutes for exporting all the blog to your local computer.
After exporting your blog, you can then import it whenever you want. This is actually the real backup of your blog. And you should always backup your blog at least once a week. Because Blogger can either disable your blog for a policy violation or it can delete it mistakenly. But having a copy of your blog is always better solution.
However, we’ll also publish a tutorial about how to get your deleted/disabled blog back.
If you have any question then let me know by commenting on this post, and take care too!

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