How to Install Disqus Commenting System on Blogger?

The existing commenting system in blogger was not mostly liked by blogger users, but when blogger development team introduced the threaded commenting system for blogger, that was an awesome addition to blogger’s features and was welcomed by every user of Google’s platform. But still that system needs to be improved, because only one reply is possible to comments. However, there are alternatives you can use for blogger blogs. Disqus commenting system is one of the popular free of cost plugin which you can use on any platform you like. While in this tutorial we’ll learn about installing that commenting system on blogger. Let’s straight go to the tutorial and learn how to install/add Disqus commenting system to Blogger.

What are the advantages of Disqus?

Before straight going to install Disqus, first I’d like to introduce some of the features of Disqus commenting system. It gives a large number of choices to the commentators for commenting on your blog including using any social network profile i.e Google, Facebook, MySpace etc.

Some more features are following:

  • Multiple replies to a single comment
  • Anyone Can comment with a temporary name
  • Discussions can be shared on social media networks
  • Commentators have the power to change their settings
  • Commentators can rate the comments
  • Disqus counts top commentators
  • Many more

Steps to Install Disqus on Blogger?

I’ve taken the screen shoots of every step you’ll be going through while installing Disqus on Blogger, and this shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to install the Disqus commenting on blogger platform.

  • Go to:
  • And fill out the form with your blog’s details as showing in below screen shoot
Disqus Signup Form

Now click the Continue link at the bottom and you’ll be redirected to another page as showing in below picture:

Choose Platform

Here you need to click on “Blogger” icon as you are going to install Disqus on Blogger. So just click the blogger icon and you’ll be on a page like this image:

Add to blogger

Now at above point, you need to click the Add Your Blogger Site link which will automatically take you to blogger interface from where you can just add the Disqus commenting system in a separate Gadget, and this gadget will replace your older blogger commenting system. After adding this gadget just check one of your existing posts and see the new installed Disqus commenting system.However, this Disqus installation will only show new comments, but if you want to embed your older blogger comments to Disqus commenting system then you must first embedd them to Disqus database. For that purpose you can use the #2 option which is saying “Import your existing blogger comments into Disqus at Tools > import.” as showing in below screen shoot:

Add To blogger

When you clicked the link “Tools > Import” then a new page will be showing up like this one:

There are two options for you to import your existing comments into Disqus database, the first option is “One-Time import” and the second option is “Sync New Comments” which will keep comments synced with Blogger, so you need to use Enable syncing, because you can later on re-install your blogger commenting system over Disqus, therefore it is good to have both the options available to you.That’s all done and have great fun with Disqus commenting system on your blogger blog.

If you faced any difficulty while installing disqus on blogger then do let me know by commenting on this post, I’ll get to you back within few hours. Take Care and Happy Blogging!