How to Increase Google Adsense Earning in 2013?

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Google Adsense
Despite a large number of new Pay Per Click advertisements in the market, Google Adsense is still considered the king of PPC networks which is a play and plug-in ads network. The most appreciated thing is this network is; it has relevant ads for your content and of your choices. Also every aspect of Google Adsense is marvelous itself. Whether it is technical support for publishers or easy payment method options, Adsense always tries to improve the system for both advertisers and publishers. However, here is a big question; having got an Adsense account many newbies and even experienced bloggers and business owners complain that they don’t make a smart income with Adsense. So this article is for all those who actually despite trying found nothing in GA.

What is Adsense?

The first and most important thing is to understand what Google Adsense basically is?. people always try to create websites/blogs for Adsense and that is the first point at which they fail. Actually Adsense is an opportunity or simply a way to monetize not your content but that content which is already popular on the web and is receiving a good amount of traffic from search engines and has an active community. So first you have to build up your website and the reputation and after that Adsense will be suitable for you. However, people especially newbies skip this important factor.
If you thought that you are creating your website for Adsense then you might lose your concentration on creating high quality content and making a good readership. So always try to work genuinely and get your main goals instead of money, Adsense and other money making resources will come to you automatically, when you have some power of visitors and readers.

Importance of Topic in Adsense

Now when you’ve Adsense account, website and traffic and still don’t make smart money with it; then its mean you have a dull topic. The main topic of your website/blog plays an important rule in your Adsense earning. If you have a wallpaper site or a poetry blog etc then don’t expect good money from Adsense, because these topics mostly have images and don’t have enough text/articles which have keywords. So Adsense can’t show relevant and high paying ads on your website. However, if you have a good topic such as technology, blogging, making money online, SEO, writing, English grammar and similar topics then the ads will be relevant and earning will be smarter.

The Ad Positions & Sizes

The ad types, positions and sizes are also important in order to get the most potentials from Google ads on your blog/site. If you have everything fine there but haven’t inserted the ads on the right places then earning will be definitely lower then you expect. You should also take care of ad types such as image ads and text ads. If you think that you have an empty space where Text ads will be clicked more than image ads then instantly change the ad type. Also select those sizes which are suitable for your content. Insert your ads on places where visitors pay the first attention such as the header of your blog, the top of the sidebar and below the title of your blog post.
One more important thing is that you should always take care of Ads’ colors. If you have a website which’s color combination is blue and white then always try to insert ads with white background. Don’t mess your ads by making them fancy. Because simplicity gets the best exposure from all ages.

Over to you: 

The above tips are from my own experience with Adsense for last three years. I always try to change the strategies if they don’t work for me. And you should it too. How’s your experience with Adsense and are you making a handsome amount with it or not? tell me your story in comment section.

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