How to increase Adsense CTR & CPC to earn more money?

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Adsense CTR & CPCRecently on this blog I talked about Adsense CTR and CPC in details, and I promised that I’ll be writing another article on how to increase CTR & CPC to earn more money with GA. So throughout this article I’ll be guiding you about a drastic improvement in your earning with Adsense by making few changes to your ads. However, we’ll also be discussing about CPC (cost per click), because you should have both CTR & CPC in a better average in order to make a possible good output. What we need to actually do is; to change the placements of our ads to get a good CTR and for CPC we’ll need to have good content and high paying blog topic, and we’ll discuss these factors throughout this article. I hope you’ll get some knowledge from this article and will also share your thoughts below the post in comments.

How to increase Adsense CTR?

CTR stands for (Click Through Rate), means the clicks you receive on your ads by the visitors, so the clicks are calculated as the percentage of total page views you receive. For example; if 100 people visited your site and viewed 200 pages and 20 of them clicked on the ads your site, that means you’re having a CTR of 10%, which is very good. But normally every publisher gets about 3% to 5% CTR.
Making a few changes to your ads’ types and placements of the ads can boost your CTR. First of all make sure you have inserted an ad unit (Probably 468*60 in size) to your blog/site’s top header, that’s because the first attention of the visitor always goes at header, so you must have an ad unit there.
Secondly, always insert an ad unit (Usually & Must 300*250) below each post’s title, so if the visitor missed the header ad, he/she can be convinced by another ad unit, according to Google’s own statement 300*250 ad unit is the highest paying ad unit in Adsense, and it is the mostly clicked too.
Tip # 3, the third ad unit can be fit into your blog/site’s sidebar and which should be the new big ad unit of 600*300 in size, this is also clicked the most by the visitors. However, if you don’t have space for this ad unit then just insert a 160*600 ad unit which also gets the highest paying ads from the advertisers.
Tip # 4, now the important part is to use Adsense links units, they are also very good in result if you use them wisely, if there isn’t any other ad unit below each post then do insert one link unit of 728*15 or 468*15 according to the available width. You can insert one more link unit if you find an empty place somewhere in your blog/site.

Some more tips for increasing CTR

The above tips were about placing the ads on the right places for increasing the CTR, however, you can also increase CTR by changing the types of the ads, for example; if you have an ad unit which’s type is only to show image ads then you may try to change that unit to both images and text ads, so it may dramatically change your CTR. Also if you change a 250*250 ad unit to 300*250, you’d see fast growth in CTR. So have these things in mind.

How to Increase Adsense CPC?

Brothers, I’ve been using Adsense for last 3 years and I’ve been implementing new tips and suggestions given by Google itself. But according to my experience, the CPC mostly defends on the geographical locations of your visitors and the topic you have for your blog. Also the more lengthy your articles are the more relevant ads are displayed by Google. So making sure you have a good or high paying niche and you have written properly structured articles for your website. Topics like wallpaper, poetry, sms & news won’t make you good money with Adsense.
Adsense works well on topics which are worth reading and receives organic traffic from search engines. So kindly make it sure you choose a better topic and write informative and long articles on that. So you can easily increase your CPC as well. Also keep in mind about the geographical locations of the visitors. USA, Canada, UK and Russia based visitors CPC is higher than Asian & African visitors.
You can also check out my previous article about: Top 5 high paying topics for Adsense.
Are you happy with Adsense earning or not? and how did you find this article? let me know if something is missing, do comment below the post if you got questions. Happy earnings with Adsense!

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  • Wali Bro nice post about how could we increase our adsense earning through high ctr. best tricks,

    One more thing bro your online ustaad.com does not work, its not opening why. at 300:pm time, whats the matter, its give 404 errors, i am backing.

    • thanks for the comment.. however for onlineustaad.com, the blog has been deleted by blogger automatic system mistakenly, I’m trying to get it back, but it can take some time.

      Hope for the better.

  • Wonderful information i got got clear idea about CTR and CPC which is CTR or CPC? keep up your good work doing
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    • Yes bro, it is sad for me as well, but what to do, they have their own bad system for disabling blogs mistakenly and then don’t restore them on time.

  • Yea, your article rocks at least I now have a clear idea of CTR and CPC, and how to increase them.

    I do hear some publishers recommend 336×280 text & image block unit, some even say that link units rubbishes one’s CPC… Can you please make this clear?

    I currently display ads to search engine visitors and since then my cpc and earnings increased a little bit but I know it’s not the best for me cos that means my ads only display on articles I rank better on the search engines. I have other keywords and enriched and good topics articles that will pay me better cpc but I don’t rank on them on the search engines. Please what do I do more to get better earnings?

    • Brother the 300*250 ad unit is always recommended by Google for better CTR And CPC as well, and of course you need to use all three available ad units on your website/blog, but you can also get advantage of link units, they are also three, and from them you can use one or two to make more earning.

      And for boosting your earning with Adsense, there are only three factors, more traffic from search engines, Good topic, and unique content. And if you have the most traffic from Canada, USA, UK and Russia etc the earning will be the highest.

      Take care.

  • Thxx Bro This Helped Alot

  • Nice blog to visit,can we contact your personally via text messages?If yes,,then your phone number,Thanks

  • Wali bhai my blog visiter coming from social site not a serch engine……………….and those visiter click on adsense add…………so that my blog cpc,cpm or ctr rate increase..??………plese give me good ans…..

    • If your site’s visitors are coming from social networks then you need to work hard and drive visitors from search engines, because visitors who come from search engines are displayed relevant ads by Google and they click them. so your CTR get increased.

  • You said – “For example; if 100 people have visited you and 10 have clicked ads that means you’re having a CTR of 10%” which is wrong. CTR is calculated by pageviews, not number of traffic. So, if 100 people visit and at average each make 2 pageview, so pageviews are 200 now. If they click on 10 ads, then the CTR will be 5%.

  • @Traveler,
    You are quite right brother, and I’ve corrected the the concept.

  • Thank you bro.
    I used your info in my blog: http://designboox.com

  • Thanks bro. Very usefull info.. but im new in blog and adsense.. where and how I can change the size of ads??? Sorry noob question..

  • great advice. will make changes asap!!

  • Thank you for your information buddy…! First of All I would like add a complement on your blog design which is very good. I loved it, your article was awesome.

    I have been working with Google Adsense since 2011 but everyone from my fellow bloggers told me that high CTR to lead to disapproval of your adsense and whenever my CTR goes above from 5-7% I replace my ads from those positions.

    One think i would like to ask that I’m getting about 7-9%CTR on my blog AKA Beta tutorials but CPC is too much low Like 0.10 etc and I’m getting about 100-200 clicks a day with 39% of USA Traffic can you suggest me some tips to get more CPC.

    Thanks and Sorry of that much long comment. 🙂

  • It is really necessary to increase CPC and CTR of webpages. Even, the earning amount from Google Adsense depends on it. It is possible to increase CTR and CPC with the recommended adsense ad sizes. So, we should try to increase these rates after getting adsense approved account.

  • helo sir i have a adsense blog on blogger my blog title about engineering and pz tell me how to apply ad unit on my posts to increase cpc and ctr?

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  • I made a blog 2 years ago for modified cars and applied adsense on it. traffic is very low and cpc is also very low. average cpc is 0.10. and daily visitors are average 200.
    link for my blog
    Kindly help me out.

  • Thanks for sharing useful information.Now i know to exact steps to increase my cpc.Thanks admin 🙂

  • Adsense Optimization is quite fascinating for me. If we focus on conversion rate optimization along with SEO, I think in less time we can enhance revenue generating potential of our web-marketing efforts. This article has compelled me to re-think over my monetization strategy.

  • How to do it for youtube videos?

  • hi my name is noroz and im running http://www.tutsgeek.com im also confused of my page CTR. is it good to put just text ads to get more click or both text and images.
    waiting for your reply


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