How to Hide Blogger Navbar with CSS3

By | March 26, 2014

How-to-Remove-or-Hide-Blogger-Navbar-From-Your-BlogBlogger navbar [navigation bar] appears at the top of the page in most cases in default blogger templates. If you want this to disappear then you can do it easily by adding a peice of code to your blog’s HTML section. When you create a new blog with default blogger template; the navbar looks like this:


This is not so bad looking thing, but mostly bloggers don’t want to see it. So they search for a prompt action for removing this navbar from their blogs :D. This post is just the solution for it.

How to Remove Blogger navbar?

In this tutorial, we won’t remove the navbar but we will just hide it. So you can make it appear again if you want then. follow given steps to do this task easily.
  1. Go to Blogger dashboard
  2. Template >> HTML >> Proceed
  3. Search for this piece of code

/* Variable definitions

Just above/before /* Variable definitions paste the following CSS line:

#navbar-iframe { display: none !important; }

Save your template and you’re done! View the blog and navbar won’t be there.

Video tutorial for removing blogger navbar

Thanks for your support.

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