How to Fix Common Title Mistakes in Blogging

By | March 7, 2014

How to Fix Common Title Mistakes in BloggingThis is our first post regarding common mistakes which are made in blogging, there will be number of posts in this series of Common Blogging Mistakes. If you want to suggest us to discuss anything else in this series you can Contact US. Words that are used in the title of the post are most important words in blogging.There are very minimum chances of success of the blog if the title is not strong.

Your title appears everywhere: on Social Media, in Feeds, in Email, and on other blogs which are linking to you.

Many times the title is only thing that the user see (or may read!) before deciding whether your post is good or not. If you think you are not getting it right, check the below five mistakes and see if any apply to you.

#1: Using Post Topic as a Title

Your post’s topic doesn’t mean that it is your title. May be your topic is “Beautifying Cars” but is not look like a good title Instead, you need

  • Five Amazing Geeky Cars (and How to Make Your Own)
  • Eight Easiest Ways to Make Your Cars Stand Out

How to Fix it: If you struggle to come up with titles, use this template to help.

#2: Being Too Clever

Some bloggers, attract the reader by giving clever titles to their blogs, this technique is also used in email marketing. It is useful to attract reader, but at the end the reader will not be happy. (Also, titles without keywords aren’t going to help your SEO much.)

How to Fix it: Title should represent the purpose of the blog. Always select a clear title over a clever title.

#3: Writing a Long Title

Often you give a long title to attract the reader but Too-long titles, may create problem because:

  • They can be confusing and difficult to read.
  • They won’t be fit in search engine (most will display up to 71 characters)
  • They’re hard for people to tweet in full.

How to Fix it: Title should not exceed 71 characters: round about 11 – 12 words. You should understand that how many characters different search engines support.

#4: Not Thinking About Benefits

Your title should self-explanatory and it should let the reader know that why should they read on? Suppose you are reading a post about Online Earning and you go through following two titles.

  • Seven Money Making Tips from a Club
  • My Recent Trip to Islamabad

What would be your choice to click?

How to Fix it: Title should be as same as what is inside the post

#5: Over Promising

Let’s say you really want to attract the readers, and you give a title as below:

All the Parenting Tips You’ll EVER Need. Will this work? Yes, it will. But if the content in your post is really giving the same tips, or you may lose the maximum number of reader who are not going to read your post again.

How to Fix it: If you read that title, what would you expect? “Does your title match your content?” If not, change your title or add the content relevant to the title.

So Now! …Its over to you.  What tips do you have? What mistakes do you see being made with titles? Share Your Views in the Comments Field Below…

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    1. Zeeshan Shaukat

      Hi MILEE!!!
      Its Totally Depends On The Scenerio of Your Blog … But in my opinion automatic generated header titles are no more helpfull . So, is better to avoid them

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    Thanks bro for the informative article, Your wordpress blog theme is awesome 🙂

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