How to Find Free Icons & Victors for Your Web Design projects?

By | June 1, 2013
In web designing projects we most often need some cool pictures for backgrounds or some beautiful and stunning icons for buttons such as Home button, contact us, about us etc. So it sometimes becomes a headache to find relevant icons for your web design projects. While creating a CSS & HTML layout, I was recently searching for some cool icons and buttons to make that project a little bit fancy and eye catching, I found many great websites which were so useful to me. Therefore I decided to share them with you, because I know if you are kinda lover of web designing like me then you might need these resources every now and then. So here are the resources I’m sharing with you. I hope you’ll like all of them and will just give them a touch for using them in your web projects just from right now onwards.

Top 5 Icons & Buttons resources

Here is the list of top 5 websites which provide you thousands of free icons and buttons for your web projects, you can find any kind of simple icons, 3D icons and some kind of victors. All icons are free to use and you can easily include them in your personal projects. You can also find social media icons such is Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and many more.


without doubt it is a great website to find any kind of icons and buttons. You can find pictures by searching as a color, and by category. And also you can just write the name of the icon which you need, it will display hundereds and even thousands of icons in front of you with different styles and colors. So you can choose and download your icon within seconds.

This website is similarly like the above one and it has also a great number of free buttons & 3D+2D icons. Just write your desired name in the search box and hit enter, you’ll find more freebies than your expectations.


As name indicates that all is well, and all are free to download from this website. This is actually a “WoW” website. You must give it a try if you ever needed an icon or picture for your web project. So make sure you bookmark it.


This is another icons finder, which is easy to use and super useful for web designers. You should be just writing your desired icon’s name in the search box and the rest job is of theirs. You can find all icons you need for your web design project.


This is the last resource of my last, and without any doubt this is also a great website. You might need to have a deep look at this website as well, because this provides you thousands of free icons. You can search for an icon by color, by size or by category.

Over to You: 
Kindly let me know how useful these icons finder websites are? if you know more than them then just let me and my readers know, so that we can have more fun. Take Care!

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