How to Find a Job at Google or Facebook?

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jobs at GoogleToday I have something different & interesting for you. This post covers how to find a job at Google.com and Facebook.com. I guess everyone who is reading this article knows (Google & Facebook), Google is the biggest online company which manages a huge number of products and has the most widest team to manage these all products. Getting a job at Google or Facebook would be a last desire of any IT professional. Working at those companies requires something special in you. They need smart people from the world who know how to face challenges, how to tackle out solutions for critical problems and how to make changes to the internet. Google is the home of smart people, and everyone working there is the best in the subject he/she was appointed for. Working at Google is not simply doing a regular job, but it is doing something special, something innovative. And the first priority is the creativity.

How to Find/Get a Job at Google?

Working at Google or Finding a job at Google has been simplified by G itself, everyone who wants to join Google will be passing through the same process which is to; first make a conversation with a recruiter, then a phone interview and finally an interview at a physical office.
Before you think to join Google, have a look at “Life at Google” page which is a fresh & heart-touching page, you can just take a tour to meet the people already working at Google, see their faces how happy they are.
You’ll find many IT professionals out there who are working at Google, there are also feedback of Google’s employees, they are working on different products run by Google.
Google says: Do Cool Things that matter.
You can also visit jobs page where you may see an innovative office picture of Google. Click Here
However, jobs list at Google is categorized by locations, so you may visit the locations page to find the job at your nearest location, and Google always prefer local people for the regional offices. Here is the locations page you can visit to find jobs in all countries, regions & cities:
Google has 70+ offices in more than 40 countries and growing, In Asia Google has offices in Singapore (Singapore City), Hong Kong (Hong Kong city), Thailand (Bangkok), Indonesia (Jakarta), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), India (Mumbai, Gurgoan, Hyderabad, Bangalore), Philippine (Manila), South Korea (Seoul), Japan (Tokyo, Osaka) & Taiwan (Taipei, Ghangua county). Ā You can find the location/address of the office along with contact numbers & fax etc.
You may also find the jobs categories when you click on a location such as Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) or just click “View Jobs in Kuala Lumpur” at the top right to view all available jobs.
Do You Want to know about all available jobs? just visit below link to either find all available jobs on a single page with pagination, or just simply search your desired job:
You may also be interested to visit this page for knowing how Google hire people from around the world:
On above page, you can find all the information about how and for what Google hire new people. The process to join Google is easily explained.

What Facilities does Google provide?

Simply great environment, Smart Salaries, Taking care of employees, Amazing Support & much more than your expectations. Employees live & work like a family.

So if you have the smartness & objectives then just go and find your desired job at Google and apply for that. Google needs people/professionals for working on different products such as IT managers, product managers, software Engineers, Country managers, regional offices managers etc.

How to Find a job at Facebook?

Facebook is the giant of social media networks and hundreds of people work at Facebook as well, and Facebook always looks for new developers and people who have innovative minds, you can simply visit below single URL to find all the information about Careers/jobs at Facebook. You can easily find/search the job by Location.
You need to just scroll down the mouse and read all the information you need in order to find a job at Facebook.
So we tried to give you information as much as possible, now its your turn to go there and find your desired job very easily, and be the part of world’s greatest people. Be More Smart At Google.

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