How to Enable Mobile & Email Posting in Blogger?

By | November 30, 2012
While working with, there are a lot of features you can use freely. You can use ultimate blogger features once you find them. Blogger itself has provided  countless number of tools, widgets and other resources to its users. You just need to find them. In our today’s post we will discuss about enabling posting via mobile and email in blogger. This feature is used when you’re away from your computer and want to post the articles and content directly from your mobile or via email.
Sometimes you just capture a picture with mobile camera and want it to publish instantly on your blog, so in this case you can set up mobile posting in your blog. Also if you want to post via email then you are allowed to do so. Now let’s see how can we do this in blogger.

1 – Setting up Mobile Posting in Blogger

First we’ll discuss how to set up mobile posting in our blogger blog, for enabling mobile posting in blogger just follow given tips below:

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard
  2. Setting >> Mobile & Email
  3. You’ll find a page as showing in below picture
In this page you can clearly see the setting for mobile posting and email posting. So the colored box is the link which you can click to add your mobile phone. You can post from your mobile phone by using two ways: By MMS or by SMS. So just click the link which says “Add Mobile Device” and you’ll find this box:
In above box you can see a unique verification code which is only for your this blog. So you’ll send this code either by MMS or by SMS to, If you want to post pictures or you are out of the US then you’ll send the code via MMS to, however, if your phone doesn’t support MMS then simply send this code to 256447. This is the number of Blogger for accepting posts via mobile. That’s all for setting up your mobile phone. By using mobile your posts will be automatically published on your blog.

How to enable email posting in Blogger?

Now the second part is setting up email posting in blogger. See below image for understanding what you need to do for email posting:
In above snap shoot you can see the pink color area and words “SecretWords”. So this is the point where you’ll create a new email address only for your’s account. this email will be used when you’ll be sending an email to blogger.
For Example: You’ll be probably having an email address i.e or So when you’ll compose an email in the email body, you’ll have to send that email to this address which you’re creating right here in above page as showing in the image.
Didn’t get? Let me further explain:

awpareshan. is my blogger user name, so the secretWords for this email maybe anything like: abc, xyz, 123 or whatsoever. So my email will be looking like:, so whenever I’ll send posts from my email, I’ll send them to this [] email.

There are three more radio buttons:

  • Publish Email Immediately: If you checked it, the email you send will be automatically publish on your blog.
  • Save emails as draft post: The sent emails will be saved as draft posts and you’ll later on post them.
  • Disabled: This feature is currently disabled, so you must click between above two options in order to send posts via email.
Hope you have got all the steps I provided in this posts. However, if you’re still having difficulty then let me know by commenting below the post. Stay around!

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