How to Earn money with PPC Ads in 2014?

How to Earn money with PPC Ads in 2014?
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PPC-ads-in-2013PPC simply stands for Pay Per Click, this is the best way to earn money online with your blog or website. If you have a website or blog then you can apply for any PPC ad network which can provide you opportunity to show their PPC ads on your website.
A website or blog which is having good traffic, unique content; can covert its traffic/visitors into money by using PPC ad networks. PPC networks provide you a variety of ads and tools to monetize your online content easily and smartly. They allows you to insert text ads and image ads into your content.
These PPC networks are free to join and you don’t need to pay a single penny to them for a Publisher account. You just need to apply for a publisher account to any of them and they will review your website. If your site meets their criteria, they approve your account and you then instantly can show their ads on your website or blog.
After getting a PPC account you insert ads into your content and start earn money online with your website. These ads are relevant to your content and when an interested visitor clicks on an ad which is showing on your website, you’re paid some cents for that click by a respective PPC network. And thus, you grow your online earning day by day.
This game completely defends on your website’s traffic, the more traffic you have for your site, the more chances are of increasing earning with these ad networks.

List of Best PPC ad Networks for 2014

Here I’m going a quick list of the popular and well-known PPC ad networks. Adsense is leading them and other are also good if one doesn’t qualify for Adsense.
  • I can say and you should also say that Adsense is the king among all PPC networks. The reasons are following:
  1. Adsense pays you more money than expected
  2. Adsense is suitable for all small and large business
  3. The highest CTR (Click Through Rate)
  4. Adsense payment options are awesome including Western Union
  5. Adsense is run by Google and you must know who is Google?
So in my opinion Adsense is the # 1 PPC network and will remain same for a long time.
  • Infolinks is another PPC solution for a website or blog in order to earn money online. But unlike Adsense this network doesn’t accept video and wallpaper based websites. The reason is: because Infolinks was designed for text-based content and their ads show only in text content randomly. So if you have a website or blog having text content in it, you can easily monetize your blog with Infolinks.
Also, Infolinks can be used altogether with Google Adsense. Infolinks payments methods are same like Adsense.
  • Chatika is also a good alternative to Adsense and can also be implemented along with Adsense. The main concept for using these networks is traffic, if your site has good traffic then you can earn by all of them. Chatika pays you via Paypal or Payza. If you don’t have adsense account then must try it.
  • Bidvertiser is also working as PPC network for last few years, so it has a good reputation online in the market. You can try it out, but in case if you don’t get Adsense account then. Don’t use it along with Adsense. This network pays you via Paypal and Payza.
  • Clicksor is also a pay per click based advertising network which pays you mostly for valid clicks on your website. Clicksor pays you via Paypal and Payza. The requirement for approval is just having a website or a blog.
Your Voice:
I’ve given some information from my side about PPC game, now it’s your turn how you implement them. I’m extremely interested to hear from you about any other ad network or something like that. Peace Out!

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