How to Create Windows Password Reset Disk?

By | June 6, 2016

Windows password reset disk is used to gain access to the Windows operating system when you forget your Windows admin password. A windows password reset disk is usually made on USB flash drive or floppy disk or any other media that is detachable. You will not be able to create it on CD or DVD or hard disk. A windows password reset disk should be created prior to forgetting admin password.


Steps to create windows password reset disk.

1. Press windows key and open control panel.
2. Click on User accounts and family safety in Windows 7 and Vista. Click on user accounts in Windows XP.
3. Open User accounts.
4. Keep ready USB flash drive or floppy drive for Windows 7 and Vista. Windows XP only supports floppy disk.
5. In the task pane on the left hand side, click on Create a password reset disk. This step is for Windows 7 and Vista. For Windows XP click on Prevent a forgotten password link in the related tasks area on the left hand side. A Forgotten password wizard box will open.
6. Click next in the forgotten password wizard window.
7. In the drop down menu of “ I want to create a password key disk in the following drive” choose the drive in which you want to create .
8. Enter your current admin password.
9. Now the process of creating Windows password reset disk starts.
10. When the process is finished, remove the removable media. Now your disk is ready for emergency password reset.

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