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How to Create a free Privacy Policy for your Website?

How to Create a free Privacy Policy for your Website?
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privacy policy for websiteNow a days, Privacy policy is very necessary for websites, because it lets the users know that how you use their personal information while they are visiting your website. In privacy policy a website owner actually states about all the information which is collected from users’ browsers, computers and the cookies which are created during their visit. The users actually don’t know whether their data is being recorded by the website. But it is good practice to add a privacy policy page to your website’s home page and state all the necessary information. This way, no one can claim anything against you. Moreover, if you are using Google Adsense on your website then privacy policy page is must in order to keep your account in good standing. Now let’s have a look at the resources. 

What is a privacy policy?

Privacy means the personal data/information of the people, and policy means a declaration. So privacy policy is for the people who visit your website, you can easily tell them in your privacy page that how you use their personal information. You just need to state in the privacy page that what kind of information you’ll save from the user’s browser and computer. And also if you’re using advertisements on your website then you should state about them as well.
In case, you don’t know how to create a privacy policy then this post is for you. You shouldn’t be worried about privacy policy because there are many tools & websites out there who provide you a free privacy policy. You can either use a generator for creating your free privacy policy or you can also take samples from different websites and can freely use on your website. Let’s have a look at all of them.

#1. http://www.generateprivacypolicy.com

This is a privacy policy generator which you can easily use to create your Policy page. Go to the website, create an account and generate your policy page, and finally copy the text and paste into a blank page which you want to publish as a privacy page on your website.

#2. http://www.freeprivacypolicy.com

This is another great policy generator website which is absolutely free to use and easy to handle. Just go there and create your policy page with 3 steps. You can copy the generated policy and paste into the page you want to publish as a privacy page. That’s easy as 1,2,3.

#3. Free Privacy Policy Samples

By clicking above link you can find a sample for free privacy policy, just visit the link and copy the policy from that page, and insert that into the page you want to publish as your policy page. That’s the most simple one. You can change anything you like, and that also doesn’t matter.

#4. Now the Final Tip

If you are facing any problems with above resources then the most easiest thing to do is; just visit my this blog’s privacy page, copy all the page, and create a new page on your website/blog and paste it to that page, and then publish. Just change my website address to yours at the beginning.

Note: You must add a rel=”noindex” attribute to your privacy page, because this page is not for search engines, it is only for the visitors who visit your site, therefore you must add a noindex attribute to hide it from search engines. If you don’t add noindex attribute then it may also create copyright or duplicate content issues, because thousands of webmasters use the same page.

Something is Missing??
If you still need more help or something is missing then kindly post your comment below so I can help you further. Thanks for reading this post and happy blogging.

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  • Bro.. TEll Me where to add rel=”noindex” attribute.

    • In blogger you can easily add rel=noindex to any of your post or page, while editing the post/page just observe at left side, there will be an option “Custom Robots tags” just click that and remove the default and other option, and only select the “noindex” this will make the page noindex and search engines’ robots won’t index it. That’s all for blogger.

      While for WordPress you can simply use “All in One SEO Pack” which allows you to noindex any page or post. You can also use “Robots Meta” plugin.

  • Nice article, I was just finding the how to make policy privacy page. Now i got it…..Thanks for sharing 🙂

    my blog: http://www.oeways.blogspot.com


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