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How to Create a Custom not found error page in Blogger?

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My last post was about mobile and email posting in blogger, and thus I’m continuing my blogger tutorials with  more tips to know the basics of blogger new interface. Today, I’ll teach you custom not found feature in blogger. This feature was recently added to blogger’s new interface and has potentials if one uses it correctly. This feature is used for not found pages which were either deleted or no longer existing on your blog. So before this feature, blogger used to show an error message to the user which wasn’t an appropriate and friendly way. Now you can show an appropriate message to the visitor if the page is not existing. So the visitor can return either to your blog’s home page or you can tell him something better for further navigating your blog.
By creating a custom page for not found pages on your blog, you’ll catch the visitors’ attention to your blog and you can keep the visitor in stay with your blog. Also, you can make a more beautiful page by using simple CSS and HTML’s page. So I’ll show you how to create a custom page. Keep reading.

To create a custom page for not found error?

  1. Go to your blogger dashboard
  2. Setting >> Search Preferences >> Find the Custom Page Not Found Feature | See example image
In above image you can see the red colored area which is the custom page not found error page. You can just click the Edit link to expand it and to insert your custom page’s code inside it.
If you want to show any message to the visitor who came to a wrong page then simply use HTML or CSS codes as normal in the box as showing in below picture:

I normally used HTML h3 tag to show the message with few CSS properties and when I entered a wrong address for my blog in the browser it displayed this page:

The above code works fine and showing a red color message to the user with a link below for the home. And you know what did I write in the browser? I just wrote a wrong page address like this: bestbloggercafe.com/123 and the page wasn’t exist. So it displayed this message.

I hope you’ll create a beautiful custom not found page for your blog and will show your passion in the comment section! till another great tutorial peace be upon all of you.

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