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How to Choose Blog/Website Name

How to Choose Blog/Website Name
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Select Eye Catching Name For Your Blog/Website:

choose-the-best-blog-nameChoosing a Blog name is obviously quite important now days. You can found some really interesting Blog and website names out there in today’s blogosphere. One of the major problems is to finding an appropriate name that is not already taken is the rather difficult part.You should keep in mind before choosing name for your blog/website that:

  •  Will readers remember your blog/website name?
  •  Can readers tell what your blog/website is about?
  •  Think ahead – is it appropriate name?
  •  Blog name must equal to domain name!
  •  Brainstorm and take your time.
Here I will outline some of the simplest way which can help you to pick a name for your blog. So let me tell you some simple rules to follow when choosing a name for your blog/website:

1. Must Describe your Blog:

Your blog name must describe your blog because lots of people will see a link to your blog before having the chance to actually read it. Looking at the name they can figure what the blog is about they will be more likely to visit it again.

2.     Must be Easy to Remember:

Make sure name of your blog is memorable and not hard to type. Suppose your blog is on the topic blogging, tips and tricks in general. Naming it as “A Blog about Blogging Tips and Trick and Online Earning as well as SEO” Would it be easy to remember? No, although it describes your blog completely so we have to stick with simple names for our blog.

3. Blog Name Must Equal to Domain Name:

Your blog name must be equal to your domain name this is one of the major rule often ignored by people, if your domain name does not match the blog name you will probably lose some readers. When people visit your blog through a link they will just read the name of the blog and decide to revisit your blog couple of days later they will just type that name followed by a dot com. If they do not find your blog once they hit enter they will just go somewhere else.

4. Must Include Keywords:

Your blog name must include your major Keyword. Search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo lookup at the keyword for the ranking in the search engine index.

5. Never Choose Trademarks:

Don’t choose trademarks name in your blog name like Google, AdSense, Apple and so on. That will ruin your efforts as well as can create legal issues for you. So avoid using someone’s trademark name into your blog name.

6. Few more tips to keep in mind:

  • Never choose a long blog name.
  • Blog name must be easy to pronounce
  • Blog name should not be confusing.
  • Always prefer .com domain.
  • Don’t use other not so famous TLD’s
  • Take Ideas from your friends

7. Final Words:

Now you just need to follow these simple tips and let me know if this helped you or not. If you have any additional tip you would like to add, do let me know via comment box given below. If this article is useful for you, do share it with your friends on Social Media.


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