How to Change Time to Date in Blogger Custom Template?

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blogger time to dateBlogger.com is a platform built in XML. While you can also use CSS, HTML and JavaScript in it massively. The blogger default templates are easy to navigate and to customize. But the problems and issues arise mostly in custom templates which are designed by third party designers.
The issue I’m addressing today is date below the post titles. In most of the custom templates you see instead of appropriate date only time appears. This is because the timestamp function is used in Blogger XML dynamic coding. Instead of only showing timing it should be replaced with date, because date is more appropriate than only time. 
From SEO and Google eyes, now date is necessary for every page existing on the web. Because sometimes Google’s crawler doesn’t know about the exact date of the content and in SERP it shows pages from 2005 and 2006 while the searchers need latest 2014’s information. So therefore date should be added to each page.

How to Change Time to Date in Blogger?

So now lets come and see what we are going to do; first see the example image below that how only time appears in some blogger custom templates:
blogger time
In above image you can see only the time is appearing in a custom blogger template below the post title. So we need to change it to date or replace it to date. Follow the given steps to do this instantly
  1. Go to Blogger dashboard
  2. Template >> HTML >> Proceed
  3. Search for below code


Above code may appear twice, but just replace the first one with this:


Save your template and you’re done. Now view your blog you will see the exact dates just after post titles, like mine blog, see the image for example:

blogger date

Need help?
If you need further help regarding this tutorial then do let me know in comment section so I can further help you. Peace Out!

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