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How to Become a Creative Blogger

How to Become a Creative Blogger
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Become a Creative Blogger to Get Succeed

creativeThe most common way to share your ideas, knowledge and to make some handsome income is blogging in today’s online world. But many of the newbies bloggers suffer when they actually start writing. They don’t know from where to start and how to turn every single visitor into a reader and drive consistent traffic. Today I am going to share some tips to be a creative & successful blogger which will definitely help you to get started.

Rough Idea:

To help generate more ideas while you start writing you should leave a rough fingerprint in your brain about what you are going to write, it may be a hot topic in the world or just a story.

Think Out of Box:

Thinking out of the box will adds a surprise element in your article because the idea is directly coming from your mind, fresh & untouched. So, Always try to think out of the box which others may not think.

Make the Reader to Say WOW:

Well you want to make your reader to say WOW…. 😛 Writing text without any formatting and un-meaningful title won’t help. So, you need to pick up a nice meaningful title normally limited to 60 to 70 characters and do some nice formatting, highlight the main points, make it easy to read and there you go to attract the visitors who can’t just stop saying WoW…!. So, being a creative blogger you need to attract the readers to read it.

Use Pictures in Posts:

This is Psychological fact that humans remember the visual things more than the text read. So, adding images which gives a short summary of your post will enhance the readers’ interest.

A Picture is Worth Thousand Words


Imagination is more important than knowledge. So, you can do more. The writing will never end. Imagination will not only enhance the current post but will help you generate more ideas for other posts. Imagine what else you can do, what more useful things you can add in your posts.

Think like a Reader:

Remember the point “Imagination”. While writing always thinks how a reader will be reading your post. If you are getting bored, the reader will also get bored. If an idea which comes in your mind is off-topic you can still make it useful for others. So user will not be bored while reading your article. Never test the patience of the reader. If a reader gets frustrated with unwanted things he will not read further.


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