How to Add New Contact Us Form In Blogger?

By | May 30, 2013
The Blogger team has just added a new simple contact form to the widget gallery, now you can add a small piece of simple contact us form to your sidebar or below posts. This widget is recently added to Blogger widget area, so now you can add it to any of your blog. This contact form has only 3 fields which will be filled by the visitors if he/she wants to contact you. And adding this new widget to your blog is super easy. You can add it by following few simple steps. And also I’ll give you a resource to customize this contact form if you want. So now let’s start adding this form to Blogger blog’s side bar using few screen shots. The screen shots will guide you more beautifully. So I hope you won’t face any difficulty while adding this form to your blogs.

Follow Steps to Add Contact Form in Blogger

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard
  • Layout >> Add a Widget as showing in below picture
Now a pop up will open, in which you can see all the Gadgets by blogger and third parties, however you need to click the “More Gadgets” link, and at the top you’ll find “Contact Form” widget, exactly like this picture:
Just Click it and save it, it will be added automatically to your sidebar, and then you can easily drag it anywhere you want. Now view your blog and see the beautiful simple contact form in action, Like below image:
Just for testing purpose you can insert a name, an email and some message and click send.
The message will be received by your that email which you use for logging into Blogger. Just check that email to receive the new message.
Now if you want to more customize this gadget or contact form then just visit this post where you’ll have a lot of tips to customize this gadget easily.

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