How to Add Google+Plus Comments to Blogger?

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Google+ comments in bloggerGoogle has rolled out a new improvement to Blogger commenting system by allowing blogger users to integrate Google+ comments with blogger. This is a major improvement by G+ team and will definitely help blogger users. Now you can have all comments in one place. This is one more indication from Google towards its social network’s future, now you can have more comments on your posts after embedding G+ comments to your blog. Enabling G+ comments on blogger is super easy and you don’t need to go anywhere or install any extra script. All you can do it straight from your blogger dashboard. But I’m here with snap shoots, which will help you quickly integrate G+ comments with Blogger comments. This comment feature has many benefits which we’ll later on discuss on this post, but first we need to learn how to easily embed G+ comments in Blogger. Let’s start it.

How to Bring Google+ Comments to Blog?

In order to display Google+ comments along with blogger comments, you first need to connect your Google+ profile with blogger, however, this job is done by almost everyone. Now you are seeing a separate G+ link to each of your blog and you need to just click that link as showing in below picture:

After clicking the “Google+” link which is available in each of your blog, you should be here on below page:

Now in above page you can see the “Use Google+ Comments on this Blog” line where you need to just thick the check box as I’ve highlighted it with red color, Having checked that, Google+ comments will be automatically added to blogger comments. And now your blog will be having two commenting systems like below image:

In screen shoot above you can observe that the blogger comments are showing up below and the Google+ new comment form is also showing above. So people with Google+ profile will be able to comment on your blog directly from their G+ profiles, and they will also be able to share these comments with their circles on G+. This is very interesting contest now.

Benefits of having these features together?

There are many benefits of these two commenting systems such as:

  • Visitors will be able to comment from G+ profile and also share their comments on G+
  • Visitors can take the discussion to G+ and discuss there with their circles
  • If a post is shared on G+ and that gets comments on G+, these comments will also appear in blogger
  • More people will see your blog posts on G+ and you’ll get more traffic
  • Google+ and Blogger users will be more closely engaged
Some Warnings: 
If you are planning to change your blog’s address, for example if you want to switch to custom domain then don’t install/integrate G+, you need to first change the address and then use this feature.
Also, this feature only works properly in Blogger default templates or templates which are having blogger threaded commenting system, in third party or custom templates which don’t have threaded system, this feature doesn’t work.
If this feature doesn’t work on your blog then kindly just un-check the box and everything will be back to the default setting.

Kindly let me know by commenting on this post that how did you find this new improvement? and have you installed it yet or not? Have a nice day!

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