How to Add Extenders and Modifiers While Discovering Right Keywords

By | February 1, 2014

Adding Extenders and Modifiers While Discovering Right Keywords:

How to Add Extenders and Modifiers While Discovering Right KeywordsIn our previous post we discussed How Keyword Starter List Can Help In SEO?. Now, we want to add modifiers and extenders to the keywords you have brings on. An Easy way to this is with .


This Handy Tool takes full advantage of the Google mechanics that provide suggestions as you enter in your query. However Ubersuggest looks at all the variations that Google provides. You can see in the below snapshot that i started with my base keyword. Ubersuggest then provide every possible combination that Google can think of. One thing i really like about Ubersuggest is that it lets me drilled down into the Different Keywords as you can see in the blow snapshot.  So i continue to down the rather whole by clicking on more and more keywords.
By doing this i found more Keywords that i felt would be helpful, So i added them by simply clicking on green + circle left of the keyword. This adds a keyword to a basket of Keyword found on the right side. Now by selecting the get button above my list of chosen keywords Ubersuggest provide a copy and paste box that allows me to copy all the keywords. A final step that i do before moving on is to actually break apart all the keywords in the starter list by looking for the Base, Modifiers and extenders of each keyword and adding them to excel file.

How Ubersuggest is helpful to Add Extenders and Modifiers While Discovering Right Keywords


The last step i did is really helps with the next step of mixing the keywords together in order to find even more Keywords. To do this i use you can see in the snapshot below that Merge Words provides three columns since each keyword is already partitioned into a Base, Modifiers and Extenders. I can put them into the different columns provided by merge words. The first column i uses is for Base Keywords, the second for Modifiers and the third column for Extenders. One I did this i simply click on the Merge button. As you can see in the snapshot given below that by going through this process i am able to generate 20000+ keywords.

Use of Mergewords

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