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How to add custom Fonts to Your WordPress website?

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custom-fonts-for-wordpressWe all know that there are millions of custom fonts available on the internet that a person can download to his/her computer and use whenever he wants. However, if you are running your website or blog on WordPress and you want to use some custom fonts then it cannot be done the way you do it on your computer. Of course, you can add custom fonts in your WordPress blog but for this purpose, you will have to follow required criteria. There are two different ways to add custom fonts in your WordPress blog and we are going to discuss both of them in this post.
First of all we’ll discuss the most usable plugins exist in WordPress plugins library itself. And we’ll also know about adding custom fonts manually to our WordPress blog. Here we go, the top 5 WP plugins that you can use to easily include thousands of free fonts in your blog.

#1. Custom Fonts Plugins for WordPress

The simplest way to add custom fonts in your WordPress blog is to use different plugins that are available freely for this purpose. Let me walk you through some of the best plugins that I have found as a result of my research.

#2. WP Google Fonts

This is the easiest way to add custom fonts in your WordPress blog or website. Google Web Fonts Plugin is the most commonly used plugin all over the internet. This plugin gives you free access to the latest custom fonts by Google so you never run out of fancy styles of writing your blog post. There are more than 390 fonts available in this plugin at the moment.

#3. Font Burner Control Panel

You might have heard about Font Burner website but if you want to use their fonts on your WordPress blog then you can simply download this plugin. This will add 1000+ fonts from that website to your blog.

#5. TypeKit

This is another very easy to use plugin that can be installed in your WordPress control panel. There are two versions of this plugin, one is for free and the other is paid. In free version, you will find some great custom fonts that you can use in your blog but if you need to have access to all the fonts that you like then you will have to go for premium version. They charge on monthly basis.

#5. AnyFont

AnyFont is another great plugin that you can install in your WordPress blog for free. This will give you access to thousands of free custom fonts so you are never out of fancy fonts to use in your blog post again.
If you want, you can manually add custom fonts in your WordPress site as well. However, in that case, you will be required to copy and paste certain codes in your WP database. This can be a harmful practice especially when you are not a tech savvy person. I recommend using plugins for this purpose as they are easy to install and easy to use as well.
If you will search on the internet, you will find some other great custom font plugins that you can use in your WordPress site. Most of the plugins are free to use but in some cases, you will be required to pay as well. If you need some fonts that are not available for free then you can definitely spend some extra bucks on a plugin, can’t you?You may also love to read: 

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